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All right. Well, we started off that interview talking about how kind of celebrating how Sheffield Rogers haven't been traded for Machado. Well, that was because that'd be a heck of a mush fucking terrible much. I still think that's, I think we're completely out of it. I mean, the thing reason we bring this up because apparently the Machado trait is hit a snag. I still think he's gonna go the dodgers because it's not d as d. as the top prospect heading to Baltimore. He's not the guy turt-. It's like one of the other guys. I think they can get around that Diaz was hurt. I think everyone would be back in it. This kind of just lets the window open for anyone that wants to up their offer and make big time still has a chance to. But I, I mean, I don't think the Yankees. They're not trading any there including either of those guys who deal no feel the rotter. No. And I don't think floor like they need like a Sheffield of floor will be added for the Yankees to become the leader in the Machado trade, which. Is not happening. They're not. They're not giving that aren't. They could include a Frazier and good. They very well could. So I still would. I don't. I mean, hopefully there's a good chance by the time this gets released. Excuse me on Thursday record the interview at eleven AM when Machado was Wednesday and we're, we're talking going to the dodgers this six thirty pm on Wednesday. One of the since been revealed that a snag with the injury report says, helping China's just tweet us in trying to lose. Not exactly great radio.

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