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J. are always nice spending time with our friend congresswoman Debbie Dingell lots to talk about with the Congress woman she joins us now hello Steve how are you I'm wonderful thank you how're you congressman Hey what's going on out here the roads are icy K. it's thirty five right now little bit slushy out there but everything's fine what about this coronavirus you know we are being told state side still not a whole lot to worry about however it continues to be a major story worldwide I think that what I would say is we need to continue to be alert and aware it does have the possibility of becoming a pandemic aren't we meet regularly with the head of the FDA the head of the CDC Tony fatty who's head of infectious disease at the national institutes of health state department homeland security and quite frankly even now they need a White House chief of staff and the secretary of HHS and the number two at St for wearing a one the last briefing to have that sweet before we came home for this week it is very clear that the United States taking this seriously the China I have to check today our delegation was when I last report speaking with you are you know one of the provinces that the World Health Organization has yet to have access to turn we heard that two weeks ago they would lead a delegation in it as of Sunday the delegation had not been allowed in they were hoping to get there last night and there were still questions about whether the United States is going to be able to be part of that delegation they believed yesterday morning that they were going to allow it to be but I have to find out today if that indeed did happen I think when that the World Health Organization delegation gets to Turner is able to meet with their doctors is able to see things earned him more we will have a better sense about some of the questions about this virus one of the things that we don't know is we now of people who are since the manic in right now it appears that the death rate is about two percent but we know that a lot of children are not getting it does that mean they don't have it we don't know they could be getting it and they're totally asymptomatic and the virus isn't impacting them we don't know the number of people that have gotten a virus scanner a symptomatic so we don't have a good understanding of what the bass is but I think that the World Health Organization is working with our health institutes of every country trying to quarantine it where it is in trying to keep it from spreading well small numbers here congressman the corona virus has infected more than seventy three thousand people around the world mostly of course in mainland China death toll is one thousand eight hundred seventy three including five people outside mainland China several countries are sending flights for their citizens on board the diamond princess cruise ship quarantine in Japan the US has evacuated more than three hundred Americans from the ship fourteen of which have tested positive for the virus the bottom line Congress woman is this when the corona virus first became a story if you will there was not a whole lot of panic whatsoever however I think the numbers that were just discussing here have surpassed those awhile ago that were originally thought to come into play and that's the scary part no one is it last week and preteens everybody said it's very important that if it does come to the United States right now the people that have it for the money well everybody that's been identified as having it is in quarantine some place the largest they've identified five military installations around the country where you for instance the two planes that came from the passenger ship one's going to California whence gone to Texas that people not panic and I said Tony I think you're beyond that he said that people I forget exactly how he said that in the one thing that way but I said Tony is already beyond panic you the fear that's being spread by what everybody is saying is really serious you all need to go out and really talk to people about this virus but they don't what sort of scary how much they still don't know quite frankly the director of the hospital it was treating most of the patients in Europe we're here Sir can I believe our neurologist he was also the director died last night which people may not may or may not have seen five health care providers have died we really need to make sure everyone is thinking I'm very worried about his spiky which actually is in three parts one do we have what we need to take care of people here in the United States if it does if you do have a pandemic two one of the provinces in this is something we're going to have to fix long term ninety percent of our generic drugs are now meeting charming we have to bring that manufacturing back to this country so we are not dependent on a country like that that supply is gonna get interrupted report so are we going to have a shortage of medicine and we also know that we've got a shortage of medical supplies mascots and sterile sterile down to touch her one is saying that the doctors did say is that if you are a symptomatic and you're not on the plane were you worried about getting something you don't need to wear a mask it doesn't help and that you should keep the masses for if we know that the pandemic is here so we don't have the shortage of that could come down there but we're also seeing the economic impact in our in auto industry is very dependent on apart from that region and you've already seen Chrysler you have to interrupt its protection in your senior connect the Namik impact of all of this this is a scary thing though I want to say this to Steve the doctors still make this point and it's true the flu this year is still killing far more people and fifty percent of the people that should have gotten a flu shot haven't gotten all right well we have the on Congress woman on the political front Michael Bloomberg met the Democratic National Committee mandated polling threshold yesterday he will be participating in the debate tomorrow night in Las Vegas your expectations congresswoman you know I'm somebody I am not endorsing a candidate in the primary I remember how ugly it was four years ago people name never came together after the primary and I have the sole goal which is to bring everybody together once we have a Canada because for me it's very important it happened in November I think that Mike Bloomberg has certainly been under attack intense deep attack the last week I think it's important to see him on the debate stage he's going to have to answer a number of the questions that have been raised about him and I just hope if you're bad I mean I know the Republicans are loving what they're watching and I just hope that all Democrats remember that people have to come together it's been pretty ugly out there among not everybody lately which bothers me again get your thoughts on how speaking Sir house speaker Nancy Pelosi issuing the warning to the Democratic Party that listen if we are going to defeat president trump in twenty twenty we have to become unified are you on board with that message board I am her lieutenant on that message a that the consequences are too a serious so I think people I'm a little worried about some of the sharp tongue and elbows in nice and that in you know Steve we have it quite frankly tempo side and it took the hate speech out there is so awful in cell room it really worries me this country is being divided by fear hatred bullying and it's not okay well the question becomes congressman in in and closing has become the new norm we cannot let it become the new norm I really want people to stop and think about it and when you see it social media supposed to be a tool of bringing us together it has become a tool of yes some friends concede to other people say things on social media that you would never say any place else and I'll tell you in the McCain at night John McCain's wife and I are going to travel this country and talk about their of be a little news for you this morning well we're going to hit the road thank you for taking that on the part of the special counsel and I'm glad to do with you because you are someone that always tries to respect people reset Franklin's respect my themes I'm really worried about it because I think it's destroying the retarded moxie all right as always thank you so much your time congressman Dingell we appreciate it no doubt about that thank you good day good day congresswomen Debbie Dingell with this year on seven sixty W. J. R. where it's six twenty seven this report.

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