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He's he's a very good player. So that one okay. Gave jackson is not what he was early in his career. But i still think solid um so. I think they're downgrading both those positions Alex leatherwood has a chance to be a really good player. But i think it's gonna take some time for him especially as a pass protector. He's the first round right. Tackle very talented guy. But he's definitely a better run blocker than past protector and denzel good is definitely a better run blocker than pass protector. And he's taken over forgave jackson. And then they have andre james Or nick martin. Probably andre james. Both of them downgrade from rodney hudson. So they got worse you know. Probably a three positions They're left side is still rock. Solid in cole. Miller and richie incognito mean incognito thirty eight years old so the chances of him playing twelve or more games probably not great but when he's on the field who's very good still so there's just a lot of uncertainty here You know. I just think that they they definitely at least initially are gonna be You know one of the bottom. Ten units in the league andre. james dude hasn't even played. That has his career start. It seems like it seems like they're putting a lot of their eggs and tom cables basket to coach. These guys up. What do you think of that strategy. Well you know if he asked me what he was seattle's offensive line coach. We'd probably have a different conversation now. It's like you know you look at what he did with cole miller and guiding him along his development. I think that's a notch under his belt for sure. I mean i don't want to discredit him. There i wanna give him credit for that because colt miller's guy who's very raw coming out of ucla years just you know tested out of this world and had all the the measurable and everything. And now he's gotten his revamped his body. He stronger better with his technique. Whatever they did with colt miller was very impressive Whoever deserves that credit in the building. Tom cable should get some of it. So that to me encourages me. Most most of all with alex leatherwood kind of similar dynamic. I think Leatherwood is further along than colt. Miller was in some aspects but he does need some work So you know what his ability to to get a lot out of andre james and and denzel good i just i think denzel good is what he is. He's just a mauling. Big enormous human being is a steamroller type of guy. If you ask him to move laterally in you know deal with speed rushers is gonna be. It's not gonna be good. So i don't know how much he can really do for him. I'm very curious to see what he does. Andre james and how his development goes because you know having rodney hudson there. I think there's probably a pretty good chance. That hudson mast issues there or deficiencies cable. You know teaching ability or or lack thereof if there is. I don't know the intricate details of it but hudson is the type of center who is a force multiplier. He's a guy who's gonna make the guys next to him. Better is like brilliant you know. He's just he's just one of those guys who can really captain the line and hide a lot of you know of deficiencies. So it's gonna be really interesting to see them without without rodney hudson in. They're getting into the right protection at the right time. You know in all those kind of like intricate things Centers do So yeah. I'm i'm really concerned about that position. Probably more than anything. I want. get to listener questions. But i want to quickly go through overrated underrated because overrated unit. You have the washington football team at twenty fifth. I've seen some people say they really like this washington. Footba team offense mind. I was a little bit surprised. They didn't go offensive tackle in round one that go to the linebacker. Jimmy davis betting round two. They do take. Sam cosmi wondering what you think about watching football team and anybody else. You think it's over it because it seems like you think washington for team might be a little bit overrated. Yeah i'm not too sure what the consensus is on on them with other people I actually bumped up to twenty three though. I flip flop them in oakland or las vegas. So they're gonna be twenty three for the article But still that might be lower than than than others. I'm not sure and the reason for their ranking though for me it starts at the tackle position. Charles leno i think is a solid player and he's been reliable when he was in chicago and everything but certain certain pass rushers can give him a lot of trouble. Like power rushers And that concerns me It always has impact protection He's he's an undersized guy with good length and he he he's very aggressive but there's a lot of there's a lot of variance in his performance especially against the league competition. So that's why he's just a solid player and not much more than that. I think is more kind of like a band-aid there You know and then. Sam cosmi. Is mike comparison for him. Cole miller and my scouting report very similar coming out. You know tested out of this world has all the physical measurable and all that stuff. But i think has quite a quite a long way to go technique wise as a pass. Protector pass protector in particular. That worries me a little bit So i think there's going to be you know at least initially you know kind of a rocky road start for him. I think interior could be pretty good Brandon sheriff obviously Excellent player And i i like the competition that they have going left guard with eric. Flowers in west. Schweitzer who i think is an underrated player and i really liked their offensive line coach to. It's just for me. What brought him down as the tackle situation And i think that they're probably set up to be a better run blocking team the past blocking team at least initially until we get to see them together. Yeah any other overrated units wanna mention I think i'm a little bit down on the cardinals compared to some other people even though they got rodney hudson. You know that that was a huge addition. I i do think rodney hudson's on the tail end of his career. He's outside of his prime especially physically. I mean mentally..

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