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This is the last or the first t shirt ever to be given out. And so I have a in true Mason and Ireland forma heavy Mason in Ireland quiz, whoever correctly answers, these five questions these questions are not harvesting. They get the first ever Mason and Ireland Robert in Pasadena Europe. I Robert argue there. Good afternoon. John good afternoon. Robert, you son. You have an excellent voice, Robert. Okay. Robert. So. I'm just gonna rattle these questions off you get all five you get the shirt in the game's over. Okay. Okay. Who is older Mason or Ireland? I believe that Nathan you're out. Because I have silver hair. You think I'm older? Okay. Jonathan in Whittier Jonathan are you there? I'm here. How Going guys. guys? Then. Okay. Here we go Jonathan who's older Mason or Ireland Ireland much older, by the way who Jonathan who. Currently weighs more Mason or Ireland. Late your two for two. Sadly, you're correct. Too many donuts. All right who has worked more Mason in Ireland shows in twenty eighteen Mason or Ireland. Ireland. Correct. Correct. You're close though, although I'm getting to make a comeback as I always did not lives. Oh, no. It is as I always do during basketball season. I do make I do rally. I will bet whatever you wanna bit that. He's not within twenty of me you missed basically the first two months of the year. Right. But I'm saying he won't be within twenty Matru. He figured out that she did miss a lot. But I'll win twenty nineteen. Okay. Hey, Robert is is January for three weeks out about him. Monsters. Here we go Jonathan who used to appear regularly on channel eleven Mason or Ireland. I don't go with Mason. That is correct. I did. So this is it until they fired me, you get the t shirt if you can do this. All right. And this one's a little harder because it's the capper. Yep. All right Mason, and I both love dogs. All right. I have a dog Mason as two dogs. He also had two dogs that passed away recently. Okay. Give me the name of any of those five dogs. And you win the t shirt. That's a tough one. When I say, I know him Mason junior Mason junior is an interesting name that I may put to work in the future. But that is not I am so sorry, so sorry, no Mason junior. So he he Jonathan be confused with two Masons in the he did all the dirty work, which means the first person who can give us the name of any Mason or Ireland dog gets the t shirt AJ and cameo AJ. Do you know the name of Ania Mason's dogs or the name of my dog? I do John Frodo freight show is close enough. Frodo frito Frodo at Prato or close enough. We don't want to be too sticklers here. I'm giving it to you. Did you did, you know, the answer to the other questions? I did. Yeah. Okay. All right. So you the teacher will be going to those questions. We'll be wrong by the end of two thousand nineteen you know, which one which one you will way more than me. Well, I end of twenty one hundred eighty one pounds you're going to get under a hundred ninety seven now and you're gonna under one eighty one. Now, you're going to pick up some weight not season. I go the other way you got to pick up some way. Yeah. Hey, Jay, AJ, hang on. Okay. To go, man. Good job. That's the first Mason, I t shirt and the second one is going to harass Rosner from VIP tickets. I was lovely wife, Victoria. Maybe we'll learn in a yoga Kwena minute. I take it back Victoria gets one. And then Harris could still. The next one. Exactly. All right. So a by the way, Sodano we're being told is in Minnesota or something so busy to join us for purgatory. We are doing purgatory by ourselves, and it's next. But once again, we're gonna update this Ed nauseam today. The ram game has been moved from Mexico City to the Coliseum the ram game Monday night..

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