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Delicious black bear deli meats and cheeses only at shoprite we'll get to the match a little bit right now Alex in Jackson leads it off what's up Alex Hey can I make one particular call unless you Jackie spend fourteen I've been watching only forever and either between idea I think would help the Yankees and the Mets so we're going to give you Brett Gardner and Todd Frazier the outfielder guy and we're gonna give us back in the garden Wheeler first of all all right first of all it called in Todd Frazier or whatever so that's exit number one and exit number two was bred gardeners under in five thank you for the call the call you Kevin that's okay I don't care about that Stephen bayside with Steve do I have to follow that really well yeah do you the leads to follow it because usually I'd say ninety four percent of the time you're a top notch collar most of the time when I bring up Vegas hope all over me you think the Vegas is just a bunch of so it's a but I'm not gonna get into that I didn't say that okay for let's get back into that just another way we all know that the team with the best record in their respective leagues usually don't make it to the World Series how is that any different than what we were talking about yesterday the team with the best record in each league most most of the time don't make it through the playoffs to the World Series okay that's what we have a twenty percent chance not outrageous I'm not saying that part was that racism saying site eating what the Vegas odds are the fey into lives does it really matter I think your point and I make it all the time to Steve I grew the is that it's a crapshoot when you get to October is absolutely true I mean that's proven every single years I agree with that I guess just citing the odds as some kind of reasoning I just don't buy that's all well I think it's just putting what we just said into number anyway so you know it now I agree with you by the way your last year when the Yankees got swept by the red Sox I thought they were too good of the team to bury them this year with the rays I don't think the the Razer even as good as last year's Yankee team side I think it's really fair to bury them at this point I think it's ten in Los now so I I think it's fair to bury them and now at this point you really you're looking in your eyes are toward the the trade deadline and kind of getting back to what we're talking about just before you know on yesterday and all that how much do you want to give up for if you think Madison Bumgarner is the only real difference maker out there I wish you really want to give up for myself I don't think he improves your chances that much that I'm giving up a whole lot I mean quit Frasier war or a day before yeah I I have to do it I like your one insurer but I just I don't think I'm not giving up guys that I can control for six years that could be major contributors strike team what should we start this year no really Steve you're giving all of that up for an October start that's what you're doing because I grew the appoint at ten games loss column had a Tampa at eleven games loss column at a Boston the eggs are gonna win the division so you're literally trading for a guy to start a post season game maybe one I mean if things went badly it could potentially be one we saw Jay happily made one postseason start last year so I am looking at who can make the biggest difference in October and that answer is easy it's Madison Bumgarner but let's get to the other factor that is now becoming a major issue the San Francisco Giants have won six in a row and so four days ago even four days ago when the winning streak was only to as opposed to six you look at the giants and said sure they're in it but yeah still probably sell well the problem is by the time we get to the trade deadline the way the giants are going they may be a wildcard team they may actually be in that slot so Bumgarner who I have mentioned over and over again is the obvious target if on the Yankees the guy I would take the gamble with if I'm the Yankees well you start to have to wonder if the hottest team in all of baseball that's what they've been now over the last two weeks if the hottest team in all of baseball is gonna trade an icon in their franchise that was the other factor we have brought that much up he's come there let's go to vin and not we would've been morning how you doing good so I just want to make coming about Brenda Miller yesterday that the game and I was sitting next to you a kid who was apparently a student of Brenda Miller bringing over the empire instructor right and you don't you tell me that Miller was a call up because one of the guys in the empire crew was on vacation but we still at least at least get above the the ball call right but I'm much once a good for Aaron Boone for haven't haven't recorders back in being he's been out but I think it's been a great I'm part of the season and I wanted to ask you do you think it would be possible for him to the manager of the year really not it's not is he the thing about the manager of the year award is it's now become an award that we give to the team that surprises you the most so because of that Rocco Baldelli is likely the manager of the year because the Minnesota Twins are you know fifty nine and thirty six in their in first place in the American League central that's not a knock on our movie could even argue Kevin cash if you believe the razor surprise though he did win ninety games last year so it's not a knock on what Boone is done in the manager there is always such a tough award to figure out because how do we gauge the impact that a manager is hat you know it basically is becoming a war that we hand out to to the biggest surprise team but he's done manager of the year work when you think about it I mean I keep going back to that first month of the season when the Yankees are being just ravaged by injuries they losing everybody and the point that I made I thought it was saying I thought it was very conservative was all you gotta do is play five hundred ball to survive this and then once you get healthy then you go on your on I thought that was saying I thought that was a rational thing to believe any exit knew that they were just much better than that they went on a rampage they thrive with all of these guys out ensure individual player stepped up as we sat at look at the your dimming armadas out look at your your your shell is sad Cameron Maybin before he got hurt even might talk when his contributed there been so many guys that have stepped up their regulars have stepped up to it's not just the guys that are filled in but considering they are sixty two in thirty three they are well on their way to maybe winning a hundred games again I have got a very good chance to get to that one hundred when number and to do in a year in which Aaron judges missed a big chunk of time Giancarlo Stanton I don't even know what we're gonna see him again the ace coming into the season is always Severino isn't patched no one but this was one of the more reliable pictures on this thing he hasn't patch it really is a remarkable job that he's done but unfortunately for him I just don't think he wins manager you because the nature of the award now but the Yankees have an excellent chance to finish with the best record all of the American League which gives them home field throughout and you know what that matters when you look at how well they've played a home in thirty six and sixteen at Yankee Stadium a that is sheer dominance and you look at Tampa Bay right now when I thought about Tampa Bay about a month and a half ago is when I feel now they look like a ninety win team which is very good ninety was very good and sometimes ninety when is enough to win your division and sometimes it's not is the Iggy showed you last year most of the time a hundred wins is enough to win a division and sometimes that's not it is one hundred games last year they weren't even close to winning the division so if Tampa is that ninety when team I think they are then you've got a look at the Yankees and say it one more than ninety games and I feel pretty comfortable in thinking that they definitely are I see no reason why they're going to slow down and the other thing is you look at yesterday it was another bullpen day and another bullpen day that they won they have been absolutely automatic in these bull pen days started by Chad green and then either Nestor Cortez or David Hale or whomever they get the job done on such an incredible consistent basis that's why when boon decided to push a half back a day I mean look at it as boy he's not putting enough of a premium on this Tampa Bay series because when he uses the opener they're more successful than any other time what a nine four nine now in the use the opener is incredible this month's forklifts hair cut just thanking their clients would be instant replays double the MVP experience for the price of a single so after fresh cut double the experience on your relaxing massaging shampoo and on the legendary house seem towel even turn your hot talent to refreshing chill towel get the MVP on ice during July entering these hot months it's completely worth it walk right in they've got TV's plan sports all the time you don't need appointment walk ins are welcome and get that her cut their massaging champ massaging chairs in the shampoo area they even have a beard sculpting available for you more than eighteen hundred locations nationwide including many right here in the tri state area sport clips instant replays the MVP on repeat download the app and check in today sport clips this is Damon Amanda Laura whether CBS sports minute Jim Harbaugh's talking out of both sides we shall be chomping now if he says to grade him on wins and losses that he welcomes accountability but then he takes a swipe at the scandals that have trailed former Ohio state head coach urban Meyer his mortal enemy in the four years he's been in an Arbor look horrible is right urban Meyer is the guy you're least likely to trust with your four oh one K. but if this is really about wins and losses that Harbaugh has failed that test no big ten title game appearances the yet and he throws the for loop in day game to show at least work clean program of what Jim you might be right your clean but you're the wrong messenger about wins and losses then if you can't have it both ways I'm DA Damon and are.

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