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Well first of all were uh or constitution is pretty much based off with the us constitution uh at least on points are so you have constitutional free speech rights um so if i say something that other people find defensive uh as long as i'm not uh safe inciting hatred or uh doing something like cair threats or or things like that any political speech in this country is fine they must be released he'll giving in scandinavia surrounded by countries where you can read and learn about and sincerely attempt to understand the kharon post your opinion about it on social media and then get hold it to the police station at the age of ninety one as a guy in sweden just did yeah uh i also saw vein from the uk where a guy was he pulls to the thing about some lgbt you uh picture he didn't like the whole thing and there's he shows a picture of the police outside his window and it's really crazy like he it they're they're here for the tweets they're here for the tweets tweet i i don't i really don't my do i mean people find it offensive then so be it i i mean that's fine but you have no right to stop other people from talking just because you think it's offensive i find lots of things offensively i find islam to be incredibly offensive dravo that doesn't mean i housing in relation to stall.

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