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Congratulations into tire connections to one hundred and fifty Belmont Stakes going to servants Mike. Right. Thanks brittany. And Sir Winston with the victory here, the safter, noon, and Kurt one thing that is interesting. We'll touch that here just a minute. We wanna go trackside Jeff blue Senate alongside winning Belmont, Stakes jockey, Joel resort, a masterful ride on, sir. Winston talk to me about the ri-, Joel. Yeah. He broke out of there. You know, last time we wrote him in a bit of, you know, he they went fast and he was a little further back. And then today you know for the modern her it was a little closer. And then I was constable trying to not taking his gang. It'd be it'd be what he will be trying to make it wrong in the end. You know, he ended limiting well and he come with this run, and you saw the way the track was playing earlier. That was your plan to go ahead and keep them a little bit closer to the pace less work to do at the finish. Yeah. And then you just for the monitor half, I don't wanna be, you know, back like Monday. As a little harder to close. Going are. And, you know, like I said, he broke really go out of there. And then I was really happy with I was in the know the first doing the boxer. Congratulations on another Belmont Stakes. Thank you. Thank you. Back to Mike. Thanks. Jeff. Joel REO, certainly all smiles here this afternoon incurred what I was going to say before we went to that interview one thing, that's very interesting about these two victories for trainer Mark Cassie in the Preakness and the Belmont, respectively, as that neither owner, Jerry barber was not present for the Preakness stakes victory. And as you just heard Tracy farmer, not present here today. That's a bit unusual. It is in Gary barber's case he is a Hollywood movie producer. He's been affiliated with MGM and spike last entertainment. He was actually overseas in France at the canned film festival on the day that the Preakness was run. That's why he wasn't there. And Tracy farmer is someone that has a diverse in very number of business. Interest real estate automobile dealerships fast food restaurants. So he's a guy that has a lot to think about from day to day, and perhaps that precluded him from being able to be here this afternoon as well. But in the end they came home winters. I mentioned earlier that Mark Cassie is. Already in the Canadian hall of fame. He is trained more than twenty.

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