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This? Is National Native News Antonio Gonzalez voters in. Tuesday's Kansas primary elected a Navajo woman for the Democratic nomination for the Kansas State House of Representatives district ten Rondo of Aldo has more Christina has would twenty six years old is set to become the third native American and youngest member in the Kansas legislature as the race will be uncontested in the general election three other. Native women and Kansas all won their primaries. Tuesday has what graduated from both Haskell Indian nations university and the University of Kansas and felt her presence was needed to represent everyone in Douglas County which includes Lawrence Kansas a lot of these issues that happen at our level. The people don't really experience this particularly like me I've grown up in not the best neighborhoods I've grown up on like wick in section eight housing reduced lunch programs, even tribal clothing from nation living here, and I don't really hear that much stories of like like that this wasn't like fifty years ago. This is pretty recent And just seeing that type. I WANNA see that type of representation statehouse and And I I believe I'm qualified to do this. Believe our voices I'm voice that you know a lot of us feel like that wasn't her being heard of and I hope I can bring that to the State House. has would one unofficially with two thousand, two, hundred, thirty, nine votes compared to Brandon Holland five, hundred, five votes and AJ Stevens. Four hundred fifty, five votes. This is Rhonda Nevada for National Native News. Native American US congresswoman cherise. David's was unopposed for the Democratic nomination for the Kansas Third District seat. She'll face Amanda Adkins November who in the Republican race Tuesday. The American Indian Graduate Center has received a twenty million dollar donation from writer Mackenzie Scott ex wife of Amazon's at CEO Christine Trudeau reports the American Indian Graduate Center or AIG see received an unprecedented twenty million dollar individual donation of unrestricted funds from Mackenzie Scott. Scott. said in a recent announcement tweet that the contributions following up on a commitment she made last year to give away a majority of her wealth in her lifetime she continued in opposed to be a medium that of the nonprofits elected that quote every one of them is telling complex challenges that will require sustained effort over many years while simultaneously addressing consequences of the Covid nineteen pandemic AFDC Executive Director Angelique Albert we are just a mess like. To be a recipient of this incredible generosity really honored that she's just trusting us to do the work that promotes equity and justice in our in our society. At the time she says, students were hit hard last spring enough for the organization to create a designated Student Emergency Fund that started in. March. So far the additional fund has distributed over two hundred thousand dollars to Aggie students emergency needs because of the pandemic. Cova fill impacting our communities and our students have a hard time. They still are having a hard time. So going back to school has created additional challenges because some universities are doing remote but some are not heading into the fall semester. Albert says funds will address student needs covering housing utility bill, and household item costs along with technology access. Scott's donation is the largest individual donor gift in unrestricted funds over Aig sees fifty year history the solutions journalism network who funds this reporting was also included in Scott's nonprofit donations. I'm Christine Trudeau and demand Honiara Gonzales..

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