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About pollution and we're gonna be talking about the docks to strike in Zimbabwe a junior doctor will be joining us for his well known medical opinions we go to Nigeria now where the police say they begun the process of acquiring stun guns and they're requiring stun guns and a new set of rules of engagement as well this is because of increasing concern about the use of lethal weapons during operations against unarmed civilians has been public outcry over continued instances of misuse of guns by the police it's resulted in extra judicial killings injuries many people the BBC's Chris wokou joins us now from Abuja so okay tell us first off about the source of incidents that have been leading to a fuss over this issue Chris the the the the the one I called an Israeli lay my house which I can remember I immediately is so I resent not too long ago the protest by members of the Shiite group beau Jack where that was that face off it was clash between the protesters and the police and then gone so if I had a journalist who is doing an intent with a TV station was caught in the crossfire in Q. of course the police didn't clean day if I had to go on the I. cues the Shiite movement and then the ship people also accused the police will somehow somewhere as somebody died from you know about it and if it is and if this is typical Chris is that kind of no half way house between no violence and lethal violence because often we cover you know public order being policed with tear gas rubber bullets being backgrounds all unpleasant but supposedly non lethal to the Nigerian police that full not use that kind of material much in a way yeah I'm not about to let but they use them tear gas well most of the time witness situations where the police have used little we bonus you know live fat and left a mission and that is the issue of generate Ted these huge gone sends an outcry amongst many Nigerians because so many people especially civilians feel threatened scene please would go on the tendency for them to to using it maybe every lead to provocation so in a way this might look like address in the con side right the issue a day and he said you know the ability of the police to play according to the rules of the game and seeing that a non armed civilian for instance shouldn't be it correct and what all the new rules that are going to come in with the stun guns is it enough you think to leads to public confidence it is hard to say at this moment the police chief in Nigeria and disclose rules about what he said is that that would be a true renamed it recreating also members of the police force as well us and getting them to know what it means to understand for instance a low risk you know due to lack of protest where the B. B. need for the use of stone guns right I've done full you know what little weapons like at using live ammunition smart in the coming days where expecting to see more of what the police intends to do and the police I mean the public probably would be briefed of course Chris many thanks indeed from Abuja the B. B. C.'s Chris I will call it's ME safe from the BBC world service twenty minutes to the hour the research being carried out by the university of Sheffield in the north of England has found that children going to and from school in that city can inhale pollution which is the equivalent of two to three cigarettes a day using personal monitors forty five families measure the pollution as they walked bicycled or drove over a three month period and found that even being inside a call made no difference let's talk to an expert on the effects of pollution on children professor Jonathan creek is from Queen Mary university of London he was not involved in the research that has seen it and is a member of the U. K. committee on the medical effects of at pollution welcome to Newsday thank you lovely to have you in the studio this is I'm a shocking is is the word for this that even children sitting inside because aren't protected what are your thoughts well it's not surprising as in Rhode said in urban areas you can adopt these this car does of toxic pollution specially that'll city particles and toxic gases so if you're gonna drive in the middle of these roads and suck up the exhaust said from the because the vehicles in front of you it's not surprising that you're going to have be exposed to high levels of air pollution in modern because have on board and a filtration systems one motive for do they make no difference they make some difference in the most expensive because interestingly often the most polluting because will protect to some extent people inside them but this data from chappel chose episode in line with data that was presented European receber free society meeting last year and this year showing that in London taxi drivers not only are exposed to evolution the same levels of as the road spot in many cases much high level so it depends on the vehicle you have but for most vehicles globally you're gonna get exposed to public high levels of application on this letter in its trend that for these children if they carried on inhaling at that rate it would be the levels will be five times world health organization's legal limits of of inhaling this kind of pollution I mean what kind of affects combat hop on the human body so children are especially vulnerable to the effects of air pollution that long gross a suppressed so you end up with less lung function that you should do it's associated with the ammonia in very young children and new onset asked a whole range of effects which actually can have lifelong consequences and for this reason for example in the U. K. we protect children from passive cigarette smoke bottom fortunately we're not protecting children from the effects of evolution so Sheffield for far international audience would you say that is a but particularly congested city were you more with with the study done in an area where there were lots and lots of calls all you paint a picture for us such a food is in that the Midlands and it's a medium size city so it's pretty typical the cities around a many European areas London the suddenly very different has very much high density and and what tribe pollution so this is not a particularly polluted city side again it's not surprising that at these children exposed because they are at the Dow rose which have very high levels of traffic and they have they occur everywhere across the country and globally I don't know that that the the parents involved in this for us how they felt about this when they were presented with the results and they were very anxious when they because even if they were walking even if they were trying to do that bit to help reduce pollution the children were still being exposed to it well yes at the end hopefully that means that said the chef council and many councils across the U. K. will take this very seriously you mention walking I think the evidence is that if you actively transport yourself rounds at the city's using public transport walking the message here is that you probably will get exposed to much lower levels of pollution and also have the added benefits of of exercise I think this these data shows that we showed that we need to transport out children better and healthier a creek that fell in amongst all cities yes so basically getting out and walking and cycling even though it exposes you to that air pollution is still better for you in the long run absolutely and says the data from chef would suggest and also the data from at the taxi cab suggest you will you you protect yourself against this sort of concentrated pollution that you get in and many vehicles ultimately getting out of the call there is is the end game yes it is very important and also clearing away the most toxic up because of vehicles from roads and in the UK's these of the diesel vehicles professor Jonathan creek thank you for joining us from the Queen Mary university of London that's according to the out a quick reminder of the headlines in the BBC news from Turkey says it's completed preparations for a possible military operation in northern Syria warning that it could start at any time the American government has added twenty eight Chinese organizations to a trade blacklist and that's over government treatment we go Muslims in Xinjiang province and Sasson is overtaken Jupiter is the planet with the most moons of to scientists discovered another twenty moons in its orbit by.

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