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45 on WTO Ten 45 the update now for hanrahan Nashville's will go for at least one victory against the Giants in San Francisco Sunday afternoon as they continue to slide four straight losses record now is 6 and 11 on the season 5 two losers on Saturday Aaron Sanchez took the loss his first start of the year Riley Adams with a Homer for the Nats who just could not get anything going really offensively Again Nats and the Giants on Sunday to wrap up the series at Nat's park Detroit's Miguel Cabrera rare air 3000 hit club 33rd member but he's also only the 7th player in baseball history to achieve the milestone and hit 500 homers Cabrera and the tigers won the game 13 zip How about the cubs just pacing the pirates 21 zero MLS united holds off New England three to two taxi foods as two goals Michael Estrada also goal for D.C. and WSL spirit two two tie with Charlotte men's college across number one Maryland beats up on Johns Hopkins 22 7 Tyson Fury retains his WBC heavyweight title knocking out dilly and white in the 6th round at Wembley Stadium Frank hadn't had to be TLP sports All right Frank thanks so much Top stories we're following for you tonight on WTO P your cranium president volodymyr zelensky says he will meet with U.S. defense secretary Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Anthony blinken tomorrow in Kyiv This comes after a top Ukrainian official says a baby was among those killed and a Russian missile attack on Odessa They see police say the woman they shot and killed in pet worth this morning who was wearing a special police officer's uniform is not a registered officer She apparently shot another woman before police showed up and confronted her resulting in officers opening fire That female was acting erratically That's chief Robert Conti Amazon's uniquely shaped helix building has one final approval the Arlington county board approved the design today It's the anchor of Amazon's headquarters two complex the building could be finished in 2025 Stay with WTO for more on these stories in just minutes Google has decided to put more money and resources into Virginia We're.

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