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Our listeners get their first month of anti aging formula. That's right. The first month of anti aging formula from hers for ten dollars. Just go to four hers dot com slash dean and a very big. Thank you to the most comfortable shoes, ever Rossi's, go to Rocky's dot com and enter dean, of course, the code is always dean D E N to get your new favorite flats and free shipping. Guys. Thank you so much for listening in tuning into this week. This week's episode of help dating hopefully next week. Well, we're all gonna suck a little bit less than hopefully next week date. Jared we'll we'll show up to the. Next episode. Thank you guys so much make sure to join our Facebook group, if you're not on Facebook, then you can always DM me dean or Jared slide into our dams or go on our help by dating Instagram page and follow us there. Follow hill by suck. Dating with dean Vanessa Jared on iheartradio or wherever you listen to podcasts. Hi, I'm Laura vendor. Can I'm the author of several time management books, including the brand new Juliet school of possibility off the clock and one hundred sixty eight hours. I'm also the host of I hurt media's newest test before breakfast. Every weekday morning. I'll be sharing a quick productivity tip. It will help you. Take your day from great to awesome each episode is going to help you feel like you can take on the world one productivity tip at attack. So start your work day was before breakfast available each morning Monday through Friday findings on apple podcasts the iheartradio app or wherever you get your podcast together. We're going to feel less busy all getting more done. And..

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