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Bill to help the nation handle the corona virus crisis is expected to hit the Senate floor this afternoon the legislation is expected to touch several concerns including hospitals small businesses large corporations and individual taxpayers it all began as a one trillion dollar stimulus package but by all indications it could be significantly larger the goal is to cast the first vote in the Senate on this bill today the final vote on Monday and then hand off the legislation to the house Linda Kenyon Washington the first rapid corona virus diagnostic test received FDA approval with plans for it to be shipped to hospitals in the next week it said to yield results in about forty five minutes time and the trump administration is said to be considering whether to create a special enrollment period for obamacare coverage due to the E. krona virus emergency Zach Italian hospitals have been strained under the flood of coronavirus patience with the number of deaths over the last twenty four hour period seven hundred and ninety three correspondent Delia Gallagher tells us what one health official said experts had warned them that this weekend which is two weeks on from they are locked down in the north which show some of the worst numbers and that they are hope is that by Monday they will see a reduction in infections and in test as covered nineteen spreads correspondence to cast and bomb reports that includes behind bars in the New York City jail thirty eight people who tested positive for corona virus at the jail on right or silent include twelve department of corrections employees five correctional health services employees and twenty one people in custody they're monitoring another fifty eight for possible corona virus officials say they would have come into contact with hundreds of others in the jail are you paying too much.

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