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Who live in House district 35, it is already time to vote again. This district includes fair oaks, oakton, Vienna Dunn loring, and tysons in fairfax county, starting tomorrow, you can cast early ballots in a special election to fill the district's vacant seat in the Virginia General Assembly, voting in the special election will end on election day January 10th. Democrat marquin left this seat to serve in the Biden administration. Republican Monique baruti is one of the candidates. She's an IT specialist and longtime oakton resident, Holly Hazzard is the democratic nominee and lives in Vienna. She's the founder of a nonprofit dedicated to supporting women and children in crisis, D.C. ist reports she's also the owner of a stem education small business and started her career as a fourth grade teacher. Whoever wins will have to run for office again next year, this election is just about filling out the term until 2024. Up ahead on WTO at check on sports, we have some college basketball results to tell you about. It's 1143. Before I was adopted, I felt alone. After spending years in foster care, Lexi worried that she and her brother were too old to be adopted. Thankfully, the siblings were adopted with help from the Dave Thomas foundation for adoption. I love teenagers to see how brave Lexi was and how she opened herself up to being in a family. All of a sudden, she's holding

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