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Hello this is the global news podcast from the bbc world service with reports and analysis from across the world the latest news seven days a week bbc world service podcasts are supported by advertising this is the global news podcast from the bbc world service i'm danny cox snuck thirteen hours gmt on thursday the seventeenth of may these are all main stories the world health organization says it's taking decisive action to hold the spread of a bowler in the democratic republic of congo after the latest outbreak reached an urban area the world's biggest shipping company mirsky says it will shut down its operations in iran because of the us decision to reimpose sanctions it's being confirmed that meghan markle's father will not attend the wedding between his daughter and prince harry an england on saturday also in this podcast experiments in waste better reveal why fish a dying in kenya this is due till hippos living in the water and they poop in the river and then that contributes to water quality problems for the fish more details later the world health organization has warned of a potentially explosive increase in the number of a bolo cases in the democratic republic of congo after the disease spread from a rural area to the city of band danker the who is preparing to distribution experimental vaccine which needs to be stalled at extremely low temperatures will be a major challenge in areas with an unreliable electricity supply twentythree people are known to have died in the current outbreak dr pita salomo is deputy director general for emergency preparedness of the world health organization in geneva paul hawkins asked him how serious is the fact that the virus has crossed into a city this is a major development in in the outbreak we have been an tipping given the close relationship between the city of the coral and ben deca that that we would face risks for ben deca to become infected and indeed now we have confirmation of night that we have been ebola which is a very.

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