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On the right side of the goalie podcast and Alexander Kerr foot to the rate of demeaning one by the Avs, but a false start. So costly penalty taken by jokes that was an offense zone penalty. He took. Yup. The lightning cash in. Again foot in pocket. This one is one by Cedric Paquette Sergeyev's spins it into the far corner for Matthew Joseph Joseph, three goals in the last two games. Gains. The red line rattles it in Orlov early shot. Right into podcast in the near corner. Got past his skate for Gerard left wing. Live comedy have up the middle Kirkwood at center elite Andrew ghetto and lightning zone, right circle. Jab at by the lightning net but circuit service their short, Vida Callahan. Hot potatoes at center ice comedy, bounces it back. There's Colbert of the lightning far corner holding onto it squeezing free nicely done. He takes it bind. His own short pass a little dangerous feed. For Joseph Joseph is under pressure. Combat. Looks to force a turnover. Instead it comes to Sergeyev by Colbert lady need to get the puck out Coburn deals for Joseph makes way to center ice and forces it in nicely done by Joseph their four dominance in one of them. Lightning tyson. Joe's by the avalanche net outlets the col- cold to center, ice and. Convert to flex it. In puck is going to be played by demeaning into the far corner and headman pass hit Jost. Joe steals. It right circle tap by the lightning that Giradi. Is there turns it for Yati, Gordon the near corner? Pivots with it zips it for headman up the middle. He'll tap out to stamkos at center. Stamkos from the Redline. Shovels. It here's Varlamov stopping and find his own at dealing to the far corner and Tyson Barrie one nothing lead in the first Barry is trip by gourd, and they are calling a penalty on this. Yeah. He deserved it. So now, the Avs will go to work on the man advantage looking to equalize. The stamkos power play goal. Got his stick in the feet of.

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