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Two in Roseville right now one hundred in Yuba city and ninety nine in Sacramento news ninety three point one K. if we get the trump administration has given California permission to oversee federal environmental reviews for its high speed rail project it comes as the administration is simultaneously trying to cancel a nearly one billion dollar federal grant for the project California one about three and a half billion in federal funding during the Obama administration to build the first phase of a high speed rail line connecting San Francisco and Los Angeles the administration delayed giving California authority to oversee the environmental reviews for about a year and a half that came to an end today officials at the high speed rail authority say the designation will speed up California's process for completing environmental reviews on the rail line John bright eyes the news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. skews me voices changing finally our Sacramento may have been waiting since I was on a Sacramento man was arrested in Fairfield for allegedly pointing a gun at the driver in what appears to be an episode of road rage happened on Wednesday authorities say that a woman so reported that a man had thrown something at her car on I eighty east bound and when the two cars got off the freeway she then says the man pulled out a gun and pointed it at her the woman called nine one one and Fairfield police found the car and pulled over twenty eight year old Brandon Jackson of Sacramento after a search of the vehicle authorities found illegally possessed a gun police arrested Jackson he is now facing charges of making criminal threats and weapons violations of citrus heights restaurant employees been caught breaking and the customer cars wall on his lunch break it sounded like the perfect set up Antonio Gomez would see customers come into the restaurant knowing they would probably be inside for about an hour he would then go outside and break into their cars but the perfect set up proved to be not so perfect police haven't been tipped off to the thefts celebrate car outside the restaurant sure enough the city Gomez went on his break in when he broke into a bait car they have their man little did he know he was one of about two hundred and fifty suspects a precise police arrested with their bait car program George Sampson news ninety three point one K. F. B. K. all three of California's investor owned utilities have agreed to pay into a new fund to cover costs from catastrophic wildfires caused by power company equipment Pacific gas and electric said Thursday that it will pay about four point eight billion dollars into the fund when it emerges from bankruptcy as well as one hundred and ninety three million dollars a year now that is on top of southern California Edison's announcement earlier in the day that it would participate San Diego gas electric said last week that it would injure or that it would join that fund committing four hundred fifty million dollars over several years together the companies will contributed to all of ten and a half billion dollars from shareholders and debt financing electric customers meanwhile will kick in an additional ten and a half billion through an existing charge on their bills and I will get you caught up in all this hour's top national stories on news ninety three point one Kathy Kay.

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