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Another day. Another black face problem for a politician in Virginia. The latest incident has to do with the Virginia Military institute's yearbook from nineteen sixty eight several white students appeared in black face. And there were a number of racial slurs against black Asian and Jewish people ABC's Andy Field says the majority leader of Virginia Senate Republican Tommy Norman was one of those yearbooks editors you've released. A statement saying black faces abhorrent that is one of seven working on the nearly three hundred sixty page yearbook. He can't endorse or associated himself with every photo or entry that he isn't in any of the photos, and he didn't take them the longest serving member of congress in US history has died from prostate cancer back in two thousand thirteen former Michigan democrat Representative John Dingell said he was troubled by the ill will hatred and bitterness between lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Kirsch means coming together. For people come together to work for causes. They all have an import share the World War Two veteran was first elected in one thousand nine fifty five and was reelected every two years after that. For nearly six decades, he retired in two thousand fifteen after his wife Representative Debbie Dingle, successfully ran to replace him. Dingle was ninety two years old Hollywood director. Woody Allen has filed a sixty eight million dollar lawsuit against Amazon for terminating his film deal. The lawsuit claims the streaming giant has refused to release one of Allen's new films based on claims that Allen sexually abused his daughter Dylan Farrow, when she was a child Allen says the allegations are baseless the lawsuit also says Amazon knew about the twenty five year old allegation before making the deal with Alan back in two thousand seventeen traffic..

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