Ryan Mcdonagh, Cliff Kingsbury, Patrick Mahomes discussed on Arizona's Morning News


Now the desert Ford dealers sports desk, it's Paul Calvi talking some Phoenix Suns. So they're coming off the road trip. They went on for. All right, all about the development of deandre Aden. The number one pick last night. You saw Luca Danni the other rookie gophers first career triple double. And the number three pack is going to be the NBA rookie of the year. That's just a fact former GM Ryan mcdonagh. He was on a podcast ESPN citing now eight we thinks has played really well. But the fact he's playing with two second round rookies at point guard or thirty eight year old Jamal Crawford, one of the frustrations. Watching the game is I think he had a veteran. Point guard again on the Walter spots. The virginia. You know, as twenty year old rookie Donncha, basically has been playing pro ball for like three or four years as a teenager. So he's got a lot more experience. But anyway, that's where that's tracking. And that'll be tonight five it'll be what seven o'clock over on ninety eight seven FM Arizona's sport's station. Five. Thirty Cadiz at the senators that'll be SPN six twenty am as for a yesterday and Arizona's sport's J Feeley was on the subject, Patrick Mahomes. They talked to him as part of the TV crew interviews and the former head coach cliff Kingsbury, in fact that he believed he'll succeed the fact that he believes that his schemes translate to the NFL. That's what Patrick Mahomes told those guys about kingsborough said was very similar to the criticism that cliff Kingsbury getting now I got before the draft. And whether that was skill set in the system would translate an obviously it asks for Patrick Mahomes that is sports for see on KTAR news. David..

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