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Jet in Indonesia, and then gave some airlines pilots partial an inconsistent explanations. There was only after a second max accident in Ethiopia nearly five months later, according to officials that Boeing became more forthcoming with their lines about the problem and the company did not publicly disclose the software error behind the problem for another six weeks in the interim leaving the flying public at risk. Somebody should open up a criminal investigation on that situation. The United States is deploying aircraft carrier strike group in a bomber task force to the Middle East on short notice and response to clear indications that Iran and Iranian were planning an attack on US forces. In the region. They would be suicidal to do that. But who knows? Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel commented on reports of an AGIP shin brokered ceasefire deal in the Gaza area after two days of fighting in which fours Railly's were killed saying that Israel was readying for further confrontations with terrorist groups in the coastal enclave over the past two days. He says we have hit Hamas Islamic Jihad with great force, the tacking more than three hundred fifty targets and terrorist leaders and activists destroying infrastructure as well the campaign. He says is not over and requires patients and judgment. We are preparing to continue the spokesperson for HAMAs said in response to the prime minister statement that although the recent flare up in violence at come to an end, the wider conflict would continue. Why does this continue the Mohammed code author Howard Blum with us Howard this thing ever going to get resolved? Unfortunately, it's not the statement that the people. Responsible for most of this. Or at least the people that the Isreaeli. Authorities are blaming for these seven hundred rockets fired at southern Israel is group qualities while McCurry hot it is financed by Iran. And it says that restoring our rights. Well, it says wait let me go back a little bit more hot. Spokesman. We saw all brought team says, quote, the confrontation will not end unless we restore our rights. And here's something you have to understand restoring our rights is they Palestinian code word for the complete destruction of Israel. In other words, the Palestinians will not stop attacking Israel until all the Jews are driven into the sea. But here's a little bit more on what's been happening. The. There was a moment of strategic advantage for Islam ick jihad over the weekend. And that's why all of this rocketry started the as long as she hot is the second leading group in Gaza number one is off. Now, HAMAs was voted as the leadership of HAMAs? It was given dictatorial powers in two thousand and six and then guess what it did permanently banned any more elections. So how does this llama jihad move up in the pecking order by making headlines and by taking advantage of a strategic opening despite a world wide Islam like attempt to boycotted isolate Israel the Eurovision song? Contest will begin in Tel Aviv in a week on Tuesday may fourteenth. Now, most of us Americans have never heard of the vision song contest, but it's huge around the rest of the world is like a cross between the kademi wards the Olympics and the voice it's credited for bringing up of the Swedish super. Global attention and addition to the Eurovision song contest Israel's also on the verge of it's Memorial Day. And it seventy first independence say, so this is a time a worldwide attention and heavy tourism. In addition, there's one more Isreaeli vulnerability Benjamin Netanyahu won election three weeks ago. April ninth we discussed it way back then. But then Yahoo hasn't yet formed his new government, and it looks like he's about to be indicted for setting two hundred eighty thousand dollars gifts which leaves him in a weak position with its rockets as long as she hot is threatened to shut down all of Soviet Israel and to force southern Israel citizens to stop producing economic wonders and to hide him bomb shelters worst continued attacks would mean an end to the your vision song contest and tourism, so Israel as much as Benjamin Netanyahu likes to look if he's operating from a position of force. Israel was desperate to stop the fighting. The results has been a Therese brokered by Egypt Qatar in the United Nations less than twenty four hours ago. Oh on Sunday night because Israel had to stop the fighting almost any cost Islam as she hugged claims. This truce is a victory Islamic. She brags that quote, we have rubbed Benjamin Netanyahu's nose with third according to an official of Islamic Jihad in the new truce Israel has agreed to granny gardens the right to fish up to twelve miles off Gaza's coast, and it would prove Gaza's access to electricity and food food fuel these electric city and fuel these are not huge concessions. Now, they're not in do you think Howard that bringing the US carrier strike force into the Middle East may have something to do with us right now, the Iranians and all of their proxies are feeling very very cheeky because they're feeling that the United States will make this big show, but it won't actually attack and among those cheeky groups that are financed by Iran are HAMAs which controls Gaza and Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah and Hezbollah absolutely. So Israel has. To worry. You know, what the joys of a Clamper likes they clamp from above, and they clamp from below Israel's clamped from below by two Iranians Boorda groups a and as long as she had and it's clamped from the north by Hezbollah it's an intangible situation there surrounded the Howard keep your eyes open on that for Howard's website is his name. Howard bloom dot net on land in the seas in the sky, the devastating impact of humans on nature is laid bare and a compelling United Nations report, they say one million animal and plant species now threatened with extinction nature everywhere is declining at a speed never previously seen in our need for ever more food and energy. Are the main drivers they blame us the guy a spacecraft just to the bit of bona science with the European Space Agency mission designed to measure the positions and velocities of stars. The guy a spacecraft recently found three. Three asteroids, not previously known to astronomers stran- or don't worry. They're not coming our way. At least not yet. What else is in the skies? Let's check in with Dr sky Stephen Cates. I Stephen George, and we continue on the asteroid theme. With the recent NASA asteroid simulation? It tells us George of some really dark days if a simulated asteroid get a load of this about two hundred and sixty meters across was actually on a collision course with the earth in twenty twenty seven the simulation continues as if this asteroid was then hypothetically headed toward Denver and that's launch spacecraft to deflect, but sadly it failed and guess what happened a chunk about two hundred feet, then broke off and hit New York City. It was leveled only after it was evacuated with the explosive force of thousand Hiroshima bomb, and this was a simulation. Folks that what we report here, you betta simulation? So George once again, all we can do at the present time is learn how to deflect or evacuate some nineteen. Hundred and eighty three potentially hazardous asteroids around the book, but in astronomy world, George something really cool with the sun large sunspot that appeared on the son in mid April known as active region twenty seven thirty eight it survived the passage again. And now it's appearing on the eastern limb of the sun. This is quite unusual to times the size of the earth crackling with flares and very unusual to see in this deep period as we move into solar minima, but guess what George? Another giant sunspot is. Now appearing on the limb. Right as we speak are twenty seven forty one. And as we wrap it up, George the live sky, the listeners enjoy this data acquired meteor showers winding down as many moves on. It was a good show. But look for the crescent moon a waxing moon as we move into Tuesday night. It makes a pass through the constellation of cars. The bull near the beautiful bright red star Aldebaran the bull and the moon and Mars close on Wednesday evening. You'll see it the planet Mars, no, George two hundred and twelve million. Miles away. Meaning light takes.

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