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Those skills even though i don't really play in band anymore i did up until recently oh yeah yeah but i've kind of just don't anymore time i hear ya so how what all can you play i play guitar drums keys violin bass most stringed instruments that can make a sound with a play cello if i needed to i played upright stand up bass in or school orchestra for a while as well but i can't play like a wind instrument or a flute or anything like that and i'm sort of like okay at a lot of things i'm not incredibly proficient in any one thing i'm kind of cool with that because i can sort of you know make it go and use it to make records and record myself so that's what i do knows very talented guy everybody of chuck very lucky to have them i actually can play a little bit of drums now and here's my theory is that if you grew up playing air drums then when he sit down at a drum kit then you can if you have a decent sense of rhythm and you feel like in your head you can divide things up between hands and feet and you can maybe play drums a little bit and that's what happened to me the first time i like sat down at a drum kit because i was used to playing air drums and not just aping aerodromes but really kind of playing with my feet my hands i got sticks in my hand i was like wait a minute i can play a little backbeat doesn't flashy super producer casey peg room used to do the stuff you should know videos and is you know an amazing towns person in many ways filmmaker he is an incredible drummer really and most of he was in the marching band and all that stuff and most of what he does that continues to kind of still keep the skills fresh play rock band and with the dry and he has like the whole with the pads and all that like the drums he's a really good drummer.

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