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And once they got the offensive rebound for the Cavs. That makes it a Lebanon. Ten five minutes into this basketball game at Louisville drifted the final four on the line cutting down the lane. No jelly stern has shot blocked by D Akita guy. Picks it up for Virginia. No bring it up ahead. Jerome stops on the left wing for short off the front of the iron at Purdue clears or. Eastern crosses the timeline. Purdue up eleven to ten eastern splits. Two defenders froze to the corner. Three that's off the Mark high in the air. It goes at four white Virginia shirts there to grab it wrong. Did an excellent job you saw harm seven foot three center for Purdue. Go up you get it. So he couldn't get it. So we taps it away from harm's for one of his teammates. Congrats virginia. Try to grab the lead down eleven ten right now. Fourteen twenty first half past the post two hundred takes it into the corner guarded closely by Aaron Wheeler dealer down amid rates jumper. Eddie, miss everything. Brewed over the goal. Little too strong rebound Purdue up ahead eastern on the left wing with that. He's got the smaller key. Hey, Clark him. Now. A double team comes around. The Arctic goes to Ryan flying eighteen to shoot fourteen to play. I ask hand off to Edwards. He's got six so far the produce star who had forty two against Villanova a couple of games ago. Eastern drives inside seventy shoes gets to the free throw line. Now back up top decline long three on the way, he had to defenders guy and another one for fourteen to ten giant hunter look at each other. Like what the heck just walked down to Florida. Get setup for offense. Nothing else. They have done defensively. Thirteen twenty seven remaining and a half guy on the right wing crossover dribble. Drive to the baseline then out to hunter hunter shot fake around the Arctic key. Hey, Clark little point guard seventy shoot underneath that goes hunter off the glass strong finish over Wheeler Purdue fourteen Virginia twelve hundred hundred excellent job. He catches the ball pivot squares his shoulders up to the backboard, and then gets into the chest of hunter. So then we I'm sorry Wheeler. So that he can't defend the shot. Perdue the basketball there four six from outside the arc Virginia has now. Hit a three pointer yet Easter driving. Swatted by at the of the second block. Virginia sophomore Virginia carries it out of there with key. Hey clark. Now Akita on the left wing gives it back to Clark near the time line. What an impact? Is not only on this game. But in the tournament. Now, it's hundred top of the are taken to three. He misses it off the right side one and done that possession for Virginia. Hundreds taken two shots. I missed everything. The second one wasn't even close the top of the key planks often, right? Sided around cabs four from free third ever meeting between these programs. They've never met with the NC double A tournament arms on the right wing hands off the eastern with eight shoot. He looks up at a shot clock. Albert fine right wing guarded by four on the shot clock. Klein skips to the core. Three on the way. And it's. Wheeler as the horn sounds now they're going to go take a look at it to make sure he released it before the shock hawk expired. But as it stands right now, it's good. If you're headed seventeen to twelve Puerto remember, they called it. Good on the floor. So there has to be enough evidence in the video review. To show that it's came after the shot clock. I think the ball according to what I see. Back me up on it looked like he was in his hands when the clock hits zero. It was very close spoi-. It's close they're going to have to freeze frame that you can't tell in live action. Either way the bottom line is Purdue against Tennessee, hit some incredibly tough shots will. And they're doing the exact same thing here today. Well in their last two games they've hit fifteen or more three which is uncharacteristically team. Their offense has been playing very, well, we talked about Carson was also the Boilermakers. Their offense has been feeding off parson Edwards and everybody else has picked up the what their ability to do on the floor has been because of the attention that he gets from opponents defenses. We just got a very close look at this. And I'm not being hyperbolic. I think that's the closest I've ever seen a shot clock with the ball releasing the hands and they're going to say, no good. They're going to say, no good wave at all. Purdue fans Mon Virginia fans cheer. Well, you're waffling. But I think that's a good call by the officials, and that's where video review comes into play. And it's used correctly officials wrong Gruber, Tony Padilla bobowski show. It is fourteen to twelve Purdue instead of Sabatin to twelve Boilermakers twelve o one remaining in the first half. Matt painter having a word for the official patrolling the sideline. He's still got his gray suit jacket. Tony Bennett, blue suit, no tie. He's patrolling the sidelines Virginia either coaches ever been to the final four Cavaliers in the front court left wing tied Jerome through a screen picks it up thirty feet from the basket off to key. Braxton key off the bench the Alabama transfer now right wing guy stepping inside the driving on cry gets by MRs the left hand lane rebounded produce Wheeler. Up ahead. Carson Edwards behind the back dribble is on the right wing with it guarded closely by Clark. Now, we lost the dribble picked it up and gives it off two hundred four. We know Clark's job is tonight is to stay as close to personnel, which is possible. So Edwards goes inside the big trae beyond Williams hook shot by the freshman tapped out by Wheeler for. Wow. That's the freshman tapping it out for three point try produced five of seven from outside the arc and they lead by while. We knew the Purdue would have to get some offensive rebounds to be successful tonight on the offensive end. Now right there pays huge dividends for the Boilermakers nine minutes. Gone by first-half side, Giral drives left baseline kicks opposite corner to guy he drives slips it into KiKi has it swatted by Aaron Wheeler who just had the rebound of the system. The other end Purdue carries it out of there. The other way Edwards right way guarded closely again by Clark step for step. He drives gets into lane. Fades from twelve. No good that he got on the yard. And he'll have two free throws when we get back. Perdue fans once again. Anterior a break in the action ten thirty three first-half for the score produce seventeen Virginia twelve you're listening to the men's basketball tournament on the Westwood One. NCAA radio network. Locos basketball fans. I'm say farm agent, coal Peres state.

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