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Some of the things you think people can do outside of early detection and going to your doctor some of the things that people can do to better position themselves to be healthy human beings. Because obviously, you're in the lead athlete that people wanna hear that from you. Why picking it all starts with knowledge, you know? And we've always said knowledge is power. And that's a big part of their early detection is just knowing, you know, knowing what's going on with yourself that way you can have a plan of action at something going on. But you know, you have to take those precautions, and, you know, coming from someone who who has a physical and background. I've always been in position, you know, to to train, and and work on my house, and my fitness, you know, but I think, you know, coming from someone who's been on, you know, athletic level of all kinds. I think the most we always were always building ourselves up for competition. But I think the true competition. His life is is being, you know, president is surviving and being here on this earth and long as we can. So sometimes we have to take those back from what our personal athletic, or, you know, career goes might be and focused on the small things like ourselves 'cause. As you know, I'm sure as a as a young man provider, you know, some of the family, we can always put people ahead of ourselves. We're always putting the team in front of us sometimes in order for us to take care of the team. We have to take care of ourselves. So I think a lot of people can go through the insecurity of thinking, they're being selfish. And trust me. I went through the same thing drinking, man. Why do I have to take time? I just wanna continue to be the protector of the provider, but if you aren't protecting and you can't provide through yourself. You can't do the same for others. So I think, you know, with that mindset, and just, you know, helping our ignorance to to the condition and just educating ourselves that's gonna make us all smarter, you know, and far more prepared for, you know, a bad occurrence or a rough situation or, you know, set of that bursary or anything noxious down Guay Roman reigns. Right. Here was Stephen ESPN radio. ESPN news before I let you get on outta here. Let me transition to another subject about wrestlemainia those. Thirty five. I think for the first time in history. Women females are going to be a part of the main event. How big of a deal is this your estimate? How much you looking forward to it? I mean, and this is something, you know, the women's revolution the women's evolution. It's been just that you know, we've seen these women all from, you know, people who only were getting a few minutes out of three hours show to to dominating, you know, throughout the show and telling three hours story, and you know, I think it's refreshing. You know, what I mean to be able to see, you know, these women's step up, and and rightfully so they did a lot of awesome work to this point..

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