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But there is no law breaking and doing that executive privilege does not mean the president can keep you from talk so anyone in the administration could go out and if the president says executive privilege anybody in the administration can go out and talk about it and there's no repercussion there's no legal repercussions no so the point of view you would be what you won't be that that you you don't have to turn over mostly it's you have to turn over documents for example meetings and things like that if you have meetings like memos from meeting right you don't have to but somebody else could turn them over in your administration if they wished to do so and not be prosecuted for so then where's the power in that executive privilege the power and the executive privilege is if you wish to keep documents you know if in your administration if you wish to keep documents out of the hands of the public you can claim that it's not that they can't be leaked is anybody say undermine executive privilege then there really is no power to it what they've been able to keep things there there are things that if they give someone cooperates but ultimately that other party in the conversation has the site again right executive privilege does not mean you claim it and if somebody doesn't abide by that can be prosecuted under the law nobody's ever been prosecuted for violating executive privilege i don't know about i didn't say anything about prosecution i was talking about the rule well it's it's the well yeah i mean the protocol but it's not a it's not a law that's my point it's not the same as no i wasn't making the point that eight six six ninety redeye the dates and location for the thirty sixth annual shell rotella super eggs contests are set dave waterman from shell has the details we are going to be at white's travel center in roofing virginia it's a little bit outside of lexington virginia right off i eighty one and i sixty four it was designed way back when the way for shell rotella to give back to the trucking community appreciation for all lay dead and all the support of our brand it's an event that.

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