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Born without thumbs. The you did forget to mention love it tagging my in my instagram. Tom Brady the count to five challenge. let's see settlement which in this live folks is riveting. You should tag tech Brooks Brooks a fucking loser though just like a multi cloud chaser from just Agan People. That don't even know me tag. Jp Yeah WHO's that Pierre Paul? Tag All right. Fine the tagline tag tag. I don't know a couple of people from the office. Throw in a few ranches tech guy. Andrew there is love tecoteja. Pfc witcher. Who's back my who's back of the week is true love because it occurred to me that people are not going to be able to cheat during this whole lock in shutout thing. Got To got to big convoy about that over the weekend. And it's like yeah you you. You're going to fall back in love. A lot of people are gonNA fall back in. Love have new. Babies rediscover the romance in their life. He all their other options are boom out the window right now. Or what's GonNa Happen to the people who have been telling their significant other earths telling the p the Duma that they're single that's no there's definitely someone out there right now who's married. Who's been cheating on? His wife had been telling the the woman's cheating on with that he's totally single and living to Bartolo Cologne. That's GONNA fall down like a house of cards to double family. Situation is big time trouble. Yeah this virus is a home. Wrecker for home wreckers. It's going to be a big big time. Big Time deal is that yeah just true. Love is back. I think that's pretty big deal. Though like the world needs more of it. Yes absolutely all right. My whose back is my hatred for. Twitter is definitely coming back big time because we have a very combustible situation. It's a love hate relationship with you. Been Cat though. Well here's the thing is without sports. Twitter has now become just a terrible news and open mic night for for aspiring comedians. And so it's it's a I'm GONNA slowly start to hate it more and more. I need some live sports to actually mix it up because I don't know how often you guys have been going on twitter throughout the day. But it's like you can't you can't go on twitter. And within the first five tweets Nazi something that says the world is ending Yeah no there's there's a lot of like doom and gloom fear porn actor worst case scenarios. I think people news organizations are starting to figure out that if they put the worst case scenario and the headline of any of the stories they get more clicks within it just it becomes a game of one upmanship like Time magazine. If they're gonNA WANNA get any hits to their website. They'RE GONNA have to put out an article that says like ninety percent of America's going to be infected in forty percent of US are going to die. And if they don't then they're not gonNA they're not gonNA make their AD budget for the next month so it's like a race to the bottom. It sucks but yeah you're right. That's what twitter's been like. Yeah they're like the headlines like best case scenario we can leave our houses in six months. Like I've read that as like okay. This is this is just the worst I need had gone away. Medical Science professionals predict that you will die before you reach the end of this article. I would click that wink. Yes absolutely and then my other. Whose back is Suicidal big cat that everyone thought they were GonNa get for the tournament. They're replaying old games on. Cbs and I was reading the schedule. Because I'm watching all of them. They're gonna I think next week. Start REPLAYED FINAL. Four and final games So they're gonNA play the two thousand fifteen final game Duke Wisconsin Hank. I have not seen it once. We were at it. I have not seen it. So that will be my first re-watch of it. I will live tweet. It and it will be horrendous so I'm just waiting for that to pop up on schedule. Hopefully it's at like two. Am and. I don't have to do prime time because I'm not looking forward to that. It'll definitely be prompt on. It has to be they on one of the best games of all time. All right. Should we do it? Should we get to our boy billy football before we get to football though a quick word from our friends at Robak Robak active where the guys over at Robak have been sending us their performance tees Polos pullovers for awhile? Now and I'll be honest. We're in love with their stuff. If you hadn't heard of these guys you need to check them out. Founded by AWOL's rollbacks. Fat Fabric is unbelievably soft. It's dual threat. Active where best fit best feel and they're polos and have been popping up all over the league last week. Bengals head coach. Zack Taylor was ripping a robak. Cues ZIP at combine media. Day Sam Hubbard bengals defensive. End Part Time. Fullback was rapid. Robak down in Miami Robak is awesome. We actually have been getting a bunch of robots since the office I always. It's my favorite packaged to get. Because their clothes are super super super comfortable and they look good. Robots performance tees will possibly. If we ever get a coaching guys will possibly be Setting us up with a seven man unit looking fresh for our handball team their sophomore moisture. Wyking fabric has Silver Technology that prevents odor which is huge especially with all sweating hard work and athleticism at hamble demands. I'm going to go off script right now if you're trying to get rid of that odor. 'cause you're you're trapped in quarantine. Robak robots away to go because you're probably not showering see needs. Wear Robak Robak. Zips really are incredibly comfortable in their polls feel great. Apparently the founders went through twenty iterations ignorant Collar the perfect stiffness. So they last forever and soul you in Robak also shout out to robots dog logo the Robak Ridge on the back of their shirts..

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