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Drop on Wednesday would end months of speculation over his political future. Sources till the Associated Press that they're considering an early event in Charlottesville Virginia to Chris j powers in New York. Thanks hurricane. Michael last October in Florida in hindsight is the fourth ever category. Five storm on record to have made landfall in the US. It's been upgraded by federal scientists whose post storm and now as shows a landfall speed of one hundred sixty miles an hour that makes it a cat five about five miles faster than the original estimate. The storm hit the Florida panhandle causing sixteen direct deaths and an estimated twenty five billion dollars in damage. This is Fox News. Now, here's your storm team. Ten forecast cloudy skies in spotty showers to finish up our week, but temperatures will be very mild Fridays afternoon. Highs into the mid and up or sixty and we will stay on that warm track through our Easter weekend Saturday on and off scattered rain expected steady at times, and then we say things late enough for Easter itself in the early morning hours. Still some lingering rain quieter that afternoon near sixty four degrees. I'm storm team ten meteorologist Zachary on NewsRadio nine twenty one zero four seven FM. This report is sponsored by discover we treat you like you treat you these radio nine twenty four seven FM traffic are slow through the work zone on route sixties between Hartford avenue Toby straight ninety five north is stop and go between Thurbers Avenue, one ninety five to the lane shift to the left after Thurbers for replacement of the Oxford Street bridge slow on one Forty-six south from one Forty-six past the work zone at Sayles hill road. I'm Jacky Murphy on NewsRadio nine twenty one zero four seven FM. Mm. Discover alerts you they find your social security number on any one of thousands of risky websites. It's just.

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