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In less than a half hour in lieu and whatever it is is probably the mayor there is worried. It's going to cause all hell to break close. and He's put a curfew. On for tonight. But the city. I. I think city. has already without even a verdict paid her family, a lot of money. So. We shall see now here's here's an example email I got. From a An audience member disgruntled parent. Dear Mr Limbaugh. You sure do claim to know a lot about something you admit. You don't know anything about. And that is parenthood. Hey, you know what? Let me just tell you. You don't have to have done something to be knowledgeable of it like. There was there were attempts way back in the late eighties get people like me to stop talking about the defense budget. Because we had never served in the military, you can't you're not qualified well, wait a minute. I don't have to have served in the military to be able to be conversant and knowledgeable about the defense budget. And I don't have to be a parent to know when a good job is being done in a bad jobs being done but. This is the way our society has also evolved disqualify opinions you don't like. If you can buy suggesting the person with the opinion isn't qualified to have it. So. Anyway. Dear Mr Limbaugh. We had dinner with friends recently, they're very conservative. They have a twenty four year old daughter. who was home recently from wherever she's off to? And they were just devastated. Mr Limbaugh. Because they're darling twenty, four year old daughter accused him of being racists. There were two reasons. Why? There, there darling twenty, four year, old daughter. Accused of being racist one they had sent her to a private school. Second reason that there darling twenty, four year old daughter accused him being racist wise. They bought a house in a neighborhood where there were very few black families. So. Mr. Limbaugh because they wanted their darling twenty four year old daughter to be protected. And because they wanted her to be well educated in her mind they are racist. On the other hand Mr Limbaugh bear son. Twenty. Six.

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