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And welcome. Midweek Bohm. Bohm US welcome to made week. Bonus number four. Well I'm glad to say that. The thing the unnamed thing that I talked about in the last episode has come off and that means we'll be hearing a track from biscuit head and the biscuit badgers and it's an Ode to the CACTUS and succulent world. And I'm going to be talking to the man behind the song about his inspiration for it and I'm delighted to say that I have busted right through the two hundred patron mark which means that a facebook live is coming this very Wednesday at seven pm. Gmt that is three PM ADT. I will be on facebook sitting around waiting for somebody to ask me a question so if I don't have any questions I'll just go on as I always do. But we love it if you could join me to celebrate my two hundred patrons in all their relentless and we can also talk about whatever you want to chat about and my new patrons this week include. Heidi Emma and Miss Holly. He will became legends. And if you want to add yourself to this merry band than just had over to the show notes. Jane Perot Dot Com to find out how and don't forget that house plot. Our is on on twitter at nine o'clock on Tuesday GMT. And that's becoming ever more popular a chance to spread the house plant love. Just follow me Jane Perron and also at House plants our to join in Dean. Murray is lead singer of biscuit head and the biscuit badges a wonderfully eccentric British group who have created a song that cannot be surpassed. It's called B CSS which is short for as regular listeners will know the British cactus and succulent society. How pray tell you may ask. Can One write a song about the BCS as well? The has managed it. And it's absolutely gorgeous. I'm going to play the song in food at the end of this episode but first let's hear from Dean about his inspiration for the Choon. My Name's Dean I am into bomb cold biscuit heads in the biscuit just I am singer unequally player and I have written a song about Protection Society now. This isn't something you just come across the thing. That's a great thing for a song. Are you a member or an ex member? I have been a member of the National Society and I'm still a member of the league's Brunch Baba. I'd snap at the start time. Yeah he going to all the meetings but I liked it when I used to go. So Yeah and capable of CACTI brilliant and one of the things I love about. This is the way you recite all these Latin names speech as for me as somebody who loves Latin names is make baby. Ridiculously excited takes a certain kind of brain to be able to turn this stuff into a song accompanied. A must say by wonderful video. Which is absolutely amazing. I think he's going to give me a nightmare. Though that video the idea of you guys will turning it slowly turning into CACTI. was brilliant. Brilliant the terrifying. Well when he really in the city so take a life of it so that means for was not lost on me. I have to say having spent much of yesterday. Moving talk between different parts of my house and greenhouse I could I can. I can totally understand that injuries. Yeah a few a few brushes with a couple of things. I should have known better than to to brush past. Yeah that's just. The nature of the beast isn't it? I love is that you really doing capture late in the song the whole ethos and atmosphere of the society in all its eccentric. Brilliant nece about it. Just kind of people are interested so I really enjoy like I'm like I like things like you know people who are just interested in something and they just do it and they find that the people who are interested as well and they just sort of full mclovin society or wherever. They won't do it. It's nice because it just people who have very interested so people we've dumpster. Us or South America to desert dot you look at these. Cacti in their naturally by bringing a slide in for everyone to say about you it's nursing in is a your. I'm sure you have a loyal and passionate fan base all of your songs about CACTI and succulents so what are the kind of topics. Do you cover the songs. I imagine that you're not going to many traditional kind of I love her and she loves me kind of songs not really. It's funny people. Society should write what you look for something if you sell impersonal into into the songs but I do I do about what I know why I'm interested in. Why not. Why not the kind of things that people know we write songs about that was sung about Venus flytrap on the the new album? The caxtons looking at stuff. He's also lyrics without taking from the comedy responsibility newsletter from nineteen to allow. What happens real trouble? That's why we have some real trouble tracking down which issues from we talked to society. We wanted to try to personally written the lyrics from find out who was exactly so it was a bit difficult but Yeah so 'cause I was I was in the kind of response is around. Then I used to below the most pitcher plum with amazing on the. Yeah so it it. It's things I'm interested. Basically this like things in the natural world Although segments that I just just I mean he's me things I think funny. Oh funny ideas you know. I'm not just looking through the This list of song titles from your album thought Porridge. I'm liking the sound of when we will bakers and also British headpiece champion because one of the things that's Talking about had one of the things that you are on your website does say moustache powered two doors which is a reference to your use of brass instruments which I am also delighted by. I hate to pigeon holed music but it do you sort of put yourself in a particular genre difficult. Because I don't think it stunned jumped. Descriptions really scribe us very well so it's not that I want to be an agenda but I think saying specific genre people go. Oh it's going to sound a lot so I suppose it's like a kind of like a kind of psychedelic. Music whole a spouse. If it's so the closest thing I could say even dot no message really children genre what I love about it is. I think it's is kind of the sounds like a terrible cliche but it really is fun for all the family. I can imagine anybody of any age listening to this and watching the video and just totally falling for your eccentric and a delightful way style of doing things which is which certainly certainly captured me. And I'm going to have to go listen to Venus flytrap now because that sounds right up my street. We'll take thank you very much for joining me. I'm GONNA play For my listeners. The end of the episode. So I'm hoping that with loads of extra funds as a result you certainly want me over so thanks very much. Keep Keep what's GONNA be next. I'm just trying to think what other genres of house plants. You could have. He could maybe have a song about about arrowheads. Because that's why listen hear about Swiss cheese plugs. That's that's my top tape. She's patially fucking thing. Yeah Yeah there are a lot more than the people. Just don't have a whole album. That could be a whole album of this. But it's Israeli delight four and I'm so glad I found it and I think it's going to this. We're all having right now. It's lovely to have something wonderfully soothing original in your ears so I'm looking forward to hearing what my listeners make of it. Thank you very much. The no problem affects forgetting such. Thank you bye-bye. Well guess what you want to hear now is the sole so I am going to close the show with biscuit. Head and the biscuit badgers singing. Bcs check out the show notes for link to the video and the biscuit head and the biscuit badgers website. Way You can also hear the track Venus flytrap but for now I'll say goodbye and we'll speak again on Friday by if it grows its meats and the live a church find.

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