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KRLD just ahead. The latest on Alex trebek's Kanter, traffic and weather together on the ace NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. Forty eight. We have a closure north west Dallas northbound thirty-five they've shut it down at northwest highway because of an accident right at the loop twelve merge now, it's also blocking the left lane of northbound loop twelve at thirty five so that's causing a backup as well. Harry Hines probably your best bet to avoid those delays in that you can take the exit at regal row to get around that closure in Dallas as well. Southbound four wait near Keith had moved off to the right side. Watch for delays air Mark giving us a call a mosquito. Northbound six thirty five right under I thirty. It's one car spinout. It's gonna be affecting the right lane slowing traffic in that area. I'm Joyce Nielsen. Your next report at five fifty eight and breaking traffic alerts when they happen. Forecast now with our chief meteorologist, Dan Bruneau? And we've already had a bunch of rain and more to come. Yeah. A bunch of rain except for where the records are kept which is hit W airport the past two days rainfall officially three quarters of an inch that said, but our friends around Denton Sherman Gainesville north of Decatur four five six even eight inch rainfall totals there north western wise county here over the past couple of days, you get in the Denton county a three to five over the past couple Tarrant county stretching from northwestern areas about three to four to southeastern Tarrant county an inch and a half or so another hot spot here for the past couple of days have been north has been northeast of six thirty five to garland, and and Wiley some areas seen up to five to six. Remember that southeast corner of MC of Collin county last week.

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