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Once again six pack i'm dave and got a little z top beer drinkers and hell raisers to go along with colin cast door founder and partner of seven son grilling and as as johnny was doing the traffic i thought man rolling roadblock that'd be a great name for a new beer how about that what what are we drinking right now 'cause you kinda got us set up with a couple of beverages so what have we been enjoying in the first part of our interview here so so we're starting out with kind of are really mild easygoing it's a golden l some hop character to it because down real easy it's called assistant manager beer it's our tribute to our favorite mouser resident cat assistant manager cat so he he's got his own beer now and it's quite taste how how do you figure out and i'm sure it's trial and error but the whole hot process how much to add or how much not to add or you know you hear about we use hops from this part of the country how much of a difference does that really make especially the the hops from different areas will so it's a it's a great time to kind of be a beer drinker in the country but it's also great time to be a beer brewer in the country right now there's never been more access to different types of ingredients than there is now we can get these super kinda juicy tropical hops from australia we can get kinda piney dank resonance hops from the pacific northwest there's hundreds of varieties that are out there that that only until recently out of them are even just like the last decade they've kinda come around but it's great you just have this really what what used to be almost like a two or three color palette is now just kinda at endless variations you were talking earlier that you know the seven son is kind of a a tribe of your childhood friends and what point did you guys go from.

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