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Like it's. It's sad you know it kind of gets lost in a lot of the coverage. I think a lot of that is because of the way the family has handled it in the family. You just wants to keep it private. I spoke to Kathy's sisters on the fifth anniversary history of it and they said that they grieve just as much as anyone else and they understand the way that other people these other families have handled their cases but in their situation and their situation is very different they they've handled it their way and that's kind of Trau- closer together an inward word rather than outward Scotty sharp members responding to the Netherland home that Spring Day just one month before the one year Iran Averse Serie of officer Jason Ellis murder just a few miles off the bluegrass parkway. He makes his way down. Stephen Foster Boulevard passing the church where Jason's Jason Funeral was held and layers upon layers of cornfields before arriving at the Netherlands home just across the street from beverage carry out did go to the scene but I mainly went and did interviews around the community I'm trying to the information is a detective on that particular. The case of course had the interviews some of the family members you know and I and during that time with those family members yes I got to learn a lot about Taffy and Samantha. You know what kind of people they were and they were good people and they highly of the community and so you know that was in my heart broke for for for their family was extremely difficult. Cathy was a teacher. They're in in Bardstown. That's actually how they got reported the someone to go check on. She didn't show up to work then that next morning warning and she's highly thought of the Henry she had recently lost her husband to fight with cancer and so they were still creating over that and it had been tough on a two girls and Kathy as well. you know fan during during that process of those interviews. Samantha was highly intelligent young lady. She was getting ready to go to prom I'm looking forward that she got her prom dress and everybody was her family was excited for four. Har- and so he was again at heartbreaking absolutely heartbreaking. The family has been pretty private over the years. We reached out to Holly Netherland Millions Cathy's older daughter but she declined to be interviewed but she did speak to the media briefly right after they were killed and now what to know why why would somebody go and attack my system. Why would somebody shoot my mother. They'd like to stay low key and and we were we respect that they were always in constant communication with him. Our detectives are so and they it's been really really supportive. KS Fee in this process and they are good people I can't sing much praised about him as much supported that they are. You know sometimes families in it's understandable well sometime if the case goes along and it's not solved you know they get their doubts. There's there's concerns some criticism awesome sometimes and they never been like that and they're just really nice good people of course are opposed to this is a tough time in. I mean they're still dealing with it. Every day. We kind of hit roadblocks with their case alive just because because family doesn't WanNa talk but also because not a lot of people seem to know much about the case. Is there anything more that you can kind of. Tell us you you know one of the toxin. The town that we've heard is it seemed really personal against Samantha. Is that something that you the foul again. It's still an ongoing this station in in when I say that it's done. I'm trying to throw roadblocks to you. It's there's there's things things that in all of these cases that we want to as we say keep close to the chest the reason why we do that is because we we get tips and leads every day and we had to follow up so we have to find out which ones are are legitimate tips and which ones are way out in left field if you know what I mean I think it's it's out there. It was brutal. You know the the he was a a bad scene. I I don't know how much other way I can say that I it was but I I'm not. We're not ready to say that you know it was a a personal or anything like that. You know that sometimes you hear that in cases. I don't think we want to go there yet. but it was bad you know it was a very gruesome saying oh there's been very little evidence made public public but the scene did hold one clue that police followed up on we were looking for a new model around twelve to thirteen fourteen eighteen model and power at the time black and pal and that was the reason why is because we had saw some some footage on some security cameras in the area and we felt like that car potentially heads someone that knew maybe it might seen something. Nyan area or mud actually been participated in the crown. We don't know but we were looking for employees compound. We look for long term but but they've never located that car or it's driver the police ask them that for. They told me that the police asked him night and they said they couldn't. They couldn't think of anything and it just vanished managed. I mean they had it from what I understand. They had images from different as you travel along Springfield road different businesses that have these yeah they have surveillance cameras as you head toward the Bluegrass Parkway but somewhere bluegrass parkway cards disappears and they're we're not able to find any evidence where it went. They just know it was headed towards Bluegrass Parkway mother daughter. I mean they weren't caught up in anything bad. They were you know actually do gooders in the community farce yes during the course of our investigation we have seen they're just upstanding citizens a student and a teacher just like your neighbor. Nothing would would pop out stand down now. was there anything taken from the home. I can't go into them in December two thousand thirteen less than six months before she and her daughter are brutally murdered inside their home. Kathy writes a peculiar post host on her facebook page per eldest daughter. Holly is home for winter break from moorhead State University. The Post reads earlier earlier this afternoon. We heard a noise. I thought one of our two cats had knocked over something. We didn't find anything disturbed so he thought it was nothing boy. Were we wrong a little while ago. Holly opens our front door to go outside to pick up the mail and finds both glass panels in our screen endorsed shattered. We have taken picks and have carefully removed loose pieces of glass and the glass frames. All of the shattered glass pieces have been and swept up off the front porch. Guess I'll be heading to. Lowe's tomorrow to find replacements crazy. Hell unexpected events happen and there's been speculation that it's possible that the other daughter had some involve men will again. That's something I couldn't talk about unfortunately in every type of investigation like this we look at everybody's a suspect to certain extent. I don't we don't name suspects aches to we actually have one but you know we don't rule anything out but I can say that the the older daughter has been co-operatively positively an investigation and has talked to us in spoken to US and keeps in touch with us at all times. I know that there's rumors going around but we can't stop author Rumors Jessica. I try calling Stacey Hibbard Kathy Netherlands sister. Sorry your call cannot be completed. John Please check the number and again that is so not the norm all and that's the only number that we have on file while so she's never been really open and sharing phone numbers and contact information and this could have been her number before all all the media started trying to contact her about everything and she's just had a change to protect your privacy and stay under the radar.

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