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Joe Biden hunter Biden or dirty Ukraine had to fire a prosecutor to get a billion dollars from the Obama administration via Joe Biden Joe Biden said you're fired the prosecutor or I'm I'm leaving without without writing a check he obviously said you better do what I say or you're not getting the money president trump got word it got wind of the potential corruption by the bidens advanced Ukraine took to investigate he did not hold back of money that they didn't get he didn't stop him from ever having a meeting with the president he did put any requirements on them doing something to receive something from us there for a million dollars in an eight the fact is the president is charged with making sure there is no corruption that's important that matters at the end of the day if you didn't ask them to investigate possible corruption he would have been abusing his own power or duty what why would you ignore it with Joe Biden himself admitted he did it it's actually pretty simple pretty simple it is one eight hundred five zero one seventy eighty Joe packs dot com we got a full like your thoughts on this Tracy what's happening here on the weekend high can you hear me I can what's happening the big question how it and I've been tweeting it out a lot nobody seems to have a good answer if you were so innocent I would think he would encourage Ukraine to investigate him I would think if he's innocent it would boost his poll ratings I would think you would make trump did after the mule report found no collusion so why is nobody asking that question if Joe Biden was so innocent maybe president trump would find them everybody talks about Monday everybody talks about the president's intentions nobody seems to know but they they use it anywhere and to say the president was doing wrong why nobody carrying it out to their final conclusion if Joe was innocent why isn't Joe Biden say Joe Biden saying Ukraine investigate me I'm completely innocent and waiting for ratings to boost the rest rhetorically obviously he's not gonna ask that because our son got a job because he was a son he was making a million dollars a year knew nothing about the mystery doesn't you speak the language but because of his connection to his father who was the vice president at the time he got all that money and all that privilege at Joe Biden doesn't want an investigation because he knows with what is going to show now he's been up beside himself and I can't believe they're doing this we did nothing wrong and blah blah but if you you damn straight his own investigation of trouble been under investigation for four years now and nothing has been found and trump keeps on saying I I don't know are still doing this because I had bite is not going to say that because he's dirty knows he is well I think that's absolutely obvious conclusion and so that's why this makes a sham impeachment even more of a chance to its logical conclusion investigate the guy if he's innocent needs to be impeached for maybe going after a political opponent but if he's not in it then if you still be then clearly the president had a duty to the country to investigate the corruption which is disagree with one thing that even if you were found to be not guilty the the president still shouldn't be impeached because it's it's still up to him to find out why Biden said what he said about the prosecutors still up to him to say what does your son have a job where it is in order to be new industry making eighty three thousand a month so investigating it doesn't mean the president to be impeached investigating the the Biden is found not guilty that okay binds found not guilty alright I ask you to investigate it you found out that he didn't do anything wrong in order to move on the fact is they keep complaining that trump wanted to get rid of or or want to harm a political rival when in essence the left is doing everything they can right now to harm a political rival so it it's it's the soul was key role on one of the rules radicals is blame them or accused him of doing what you've already done and that's exactly what you're doing I I'd trays out slots are lost I appreciate the phone call interesting and take on it bide would be found not guilty so I think you're being tongue in cheek about that but even if you if you were a dozen me what now you've got a dress to the present what do you do that we do that because there was allegations of of corruption because Biden good twisted their arms use leverage to get rid of a guy Joe line to what's happening Joe hi Hey how are you Joe what's what's up yeah I was worth you heard that ridiculous comment Nancy Pelosi made last week where she said something about it's not so much an important of the of the quarry this is the proof the group is not important it's rather the seriousness of the allegation so I don't know how you rationalize that I I say no it's it's about the proof right then of course it is because I can make a serious allegation that somebody is a murderer and it's a serious allegation but I have no proof whatsoever no reason to believe that but I can make the allegation so out what what polls he said it is obviously it's it's in coherent but everything she says is a coherent these days I mean I went on and on about time of year for about five minutes in time and over the course of time and people have written about timing Shakespeare said time and time is really time what I don't know what she was talking about but but she's the speaker of the house and Rick uses a rear end and kisses her ring and allegedly if she says it's okay it's almost like saying you've got.

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