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How you doing? Mark. Are you exciting time? Very good. Yeah. Hey, we were just talking about the what they're doing in Georgia. These voting laws. Now the Democrats trying to sue them, arrest them for these voting laws. At the time when Georgia seemed pretty standard, What's the problem? They are standard. You know, the reality is there's a lot of overreaction from the election. Uh, you know, the critical thing here is everybody has to be equally eligible. Uh, if you're 18 you know the idea that you have to show some kind of evidence that proves that you're Who you say you are is not is not outrageous. Many states said that absentee ballots obviously played a very critical role was the last election. I think it will continue to do so early voting will play another critical role, and I think just certain extent, it's just it's a question of you know, a lot of it was reaction to the virus a lot of reaction to them. To what occurred in the last election. I think people and these legislatures want to want to set the rules very straight and very critical. Uh, because obviously, you know, we've had two back to back presidential elections, which Trump won by 71,000 votes in three states to give him the presidency. He lost the second election by 41,000 votes. So you know the reality is those those you're close when you're talking about hundreds of millions of people. Yeah. Listen, obviously I can understand absentee ballots. You're in the military, you're overseas. But is this a good idea to have these mail in ballots for anybody wants him and have weeks of voting. That doesn't sound right. Does it? No, it doesn't. You know the reality is that you should should have an excuse. Why not to be able to vote? I would hate to see us get to a point where no one wants to go on the election day because election days are very critical. And it's been so much a part of our democracy. But I think the key thing here is that people like the convenience of the absentee ballot. And, uh, you know, certainly a temptation from mischief. I'm not arguing that there's a lot of mystic last time. Certainly, accusations of some But the reality here is you need to have and the law is simple enough that everybody can understand them and everybody. We have a fair chance to Pope. Yeah. Hey, Ed Rollins, your your absolute expert on voting. Do you understand this ranked choice voting? Nobody. So I think it's I think the most absurd thing of all, uh, you know the reality. Don't go vote for the person you want to be mayor, and that's your choice. Uh, And the fact that someone who came in second or third or whatever, Uh and if they don't get historically, if they don't get 50% your run off of the top two candidates go off the second round. Uh, I think progressives would certainly choose that today. But the reality is the rank voting, which goes on for weeks. You imagine what would happen if we had a presidential election with Frank voting? Uh, you know, it's only two parties. But there could be three or four other candidates. Uh, that could create count, You know, chaos. You know, my sense is what we want to do is want to get to a point where we have an election day when the election day is complete. We know very quickly who the who The winners are and this thing is going on. Only the Lord doesn't long going to go on. And then you have. The city has one rules, and the state has another rule. So you're going to have to district Attorney and you know that quicker than you know who the mayor is. So, uh, I know you think back to the seventies. Without computers. They had the election results at nine o'clock that night, 10 o'clock at night. How was that done with all those millions of voting? Well, you know, I'm an old man, and I grew up. I grew up in the old days. Computers and what have you and you know, in yellow pads, he went out to that knocked on doors. You know who your voters were, and you turn them out on election day. And you know who voted and you counted votes. Uh, Quickly and accurately, and, uh, you know, now we have too many, too many other elements of the modern society ins. It's not making things easier as I'm making things simpler, and it's not certainly making people believe more confident. So Uh, the biggest tragedy of this election, I think is again It was a very close election by the likelihood of the next presidential election. Probably close again is you've had such an undercutting Of the of the integrity of the election that you know. A substantial portion of Republicans think that Trump won Accurately or inaccurately my senses. Trump did not win, but it was close. But people don't have confidence in the voting system anymore, so the longer it takes to count more accurate and accurate. The projections are and plus you have too many polls. You have all these polls have certainly turned out to be two elections in a role inaccurate, ever poll today that's got young Giuliani leading You know Two other significant candidates. Uh, no tourists. No one knows with that polls accurate and not my sense of looking at it. It's not and certainly could be confusion with his father. But you know, it gets out there gets a big story creates confusion makes people think the process last Yeah. Ed Rollins. They always say Republican can't win in New York City Republican can't win in New York State, but it's really all about turnout. What does that mean? Turnout? What do you have to do? If you're a candidate to get turn out? What do you actually have to do? We have to make sure that your voters vote. The difficulty with New York is that, uh, this election There was a lot of the mayor's race. There's a lot of money spent on a television. Historically, television doesn't play a bigger role is kind of Who has the unions? Who is the organizations who can turn out their vote. Um and and you know the Republicans, obviously at number 7 to 1. So to say that the likelihood of Republicans not winning here we had a long siege in which we had Giuliani for eight years. We have done work for 12 years. So in the 20 year period where you had Republican mayors, uh Whatever. Bloomberg ended up being an independent to Republican. I guess the Democratic him successful, but you know, it's not..

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