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We go later. Go right now. Do you promise i love having people over to the condo. They look they look at the condo and they're like oh like disney money. I'm like no commercials since i was four years old the need for main line. We were really just like a wants. It stopped. It was just done. I didn't work for a while. You got that subway commercials. Although i did get a subway commercial that did literally pay my rent. Oh that was all i got and that's i was about to quit acting. It is humbling too when it's like when you're on disney channel so you get free guide to go to disneyland like minds you can go whenever you want but then when the show's council it's like nope. You're paying like everybody <music> sorry house. Thanks you too bye yeah. We don't remember you at all. Who are you again. I remember dillon. I tried to reach out to the disney. We were like hey. Can we like. Maybe like what shows are you on. Yeah okay never mind yeah because we were like even just like tickets like weren't even asking for guy. We were like. Hey can we get to hook up with some sort of tickets or even like an employee discount kind of thing. Sorry really wear and percent off code. Please yeah you got your residual checks. Use those build them up spent twenty minutes trying to scan in one cent jack bank of america upon your phone closer this morning it was dollars and thirty eight cents at my phone would not take the picture of the back of the check for the bank of america cheque for two dollars and thirty eight cents from jane the virgin episode..

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