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Is it strange like because there's so much turmoil in the us in terms of not only politics but like just in general tends to be a rowdy bunch like what's the dynamic looking down and being like this is next to us because from the us perspective like we we have blinders on we we never look elsewhere at all e in something that i've found super interesting getting to know lot more americans through rob has a podcast is held little they actually know about canada like by the age of eleven i knew the capital of every state in america i can still recite off most of them and yes i m a big geography buffs that's something that interests me so i learned that but i feel like canada knows a lot more about america than america knows about us and that's personally because america dictates a lot of a lot of the global culture a lot of western culture and so we've adapted some things from that obviously the us is our largest trade partners so things that happened in america affect canada when you guys went through the recession in two thousand eight that hit us really hard to even though we didn't have the same bank and housing failures failures that you guys did it affected a lot of people here so that's something super interesting is that we a lot of what happened in the states dictates what happens in canada but we don't have any control over it and some turmoil that's happening states has really started to fester in canada and obviously not to the same extent but it's happening in some of the ideals that are held by people are being voiced in canada now in that's probably not the majority but it's happening now.

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