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Higher today, the Dow rising by more than 100 points in the NASDAQ, gaining almost 200. You're listening to ABC News. It's time now for traffic and weather together, which she will do every 10 minutes throughout the show again, it's bundled just on there. Just a bundle. That's right. Same cost, Yes, bundle, but not the same. Don't tell sales that no, I brought you, my Cal at the California Department of Health Care. And right now, Kitty eastbound Cap City about 10. Minutes says You go from 50 18 again. Westbound. We have a big slow down because somebody ran into the divider between what And Bolton. So that has caused a jam back up on the 80 actually was about 80 feeling the effects of that downtown. L groves have done I five looking good 11 minutes here in about 15 minutes on 99 Heaviest traffic between Mac and Cal bike assumed is going to Folsom 19 minutes. Really? Not bad. We did have an accident of their earlier looks like that's been cleaned up. Not gonna worry about it. Downtown to Woodland north on I 5 16 minutes and Main Street, nine minutes downtown to Davis. Westbound 80, and you are there and makes Boulevard. And if you're feeling anxious, stressed or lonely in these difficult covert times, and I mean, who's feeling call Cal Hope but 833317 hope that's 8333174673 or visit Cal hope dot orig to talk to someone who could help hope will persevere. Traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Dana has news 93.1 kfbk. It'll be breezy this evening. Otherwise clear and cooler tonight. Well, ceelo tonight of 38 to 42 Plenty of sunshine on tap for.

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