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Down God about seventeen, seventy, six I love that belise down John. Sit Down John for God's sake John's sit down. It is just now. The. The last half of the movie kind of drags a little You know the in in in and I realized they want to show the cost of war, but the whole scene you know with the soldier talking about his friend dying. It drags just a little bit like I know it's sad. It's sad, but the the beginning. you know he he plays the violin with you. Know Can Howard, and and that they know they were married at the time, the lady who played his wife and and then just at the end when the compromise and it's just. If if you're feeling. Less than patriotic. That our government may never be good again. put in Seventeen, seventy six. Enjoy some great music and remember that. These for just. Just guys trying to do the best they can. and there is with the whole compromise about the slave states is is even more is is I hadn't thought about that big very. Let's going on of what to do so That's why number four such a great pack A. Also every time I vote for anything. A night at have to vote. Yes, or no, there's a part of me that wants to New York abstains. Honestly yes courteously. Absolutely I think the actual constitutional convention if I remember correctly like new. York wasn't really a no is a constitutional convention or is the Declaration of independence. This is the decoration independence. Okay, nevermind New York was there, but not at the constitutional convention. They were like we're not coming. Funny. What do we at what's number? Three number three is hairspray, but not the original John. Waters one because I don't think that's technically a movie musical and I'm not talking about the mainstream movie version because I was offended. The producers shows John Travolta to play Edna turnblad. I'm still so angry about that I don't whatever I'm talking about. The NBC live one because of the actually cast Harvey Fierstein in the role of Turnblad, which was so much better. NBC Life Has Really Fun nods to John Waters but I really love the story of hairspray because to quote comedian Bright Bram. It's about a fat girl who's good at something. So it's not this like sad crack character. She doesn't get skinny at the end. If like, I can't be fun, fat empowerment story so I really love I love her right. Yeah, absolutely I think so much fun and yes, whether it's the movie or yes the live You know one of the things that I. I liked the networks are trying live shows. They don't always work in the aren't as big, but but I think the the attempt is is something that should be applauded. Swing I appreciate it southern have been very good. FAM-. Have missed the mark a little but I thought hairspray was really good and the charity so I mentioned. I prefer the version with Harvey. Fierstein because he is a gay man who does drag as opposed to John Travolta straighten out who does drag of so drag is very important part of the gay community and the gay community and drag wouldn't be what it is today without the work of transgender women of color, so there's a charity in new. York called Blitz and it is a nonprofit working specifically on securing stable housing transgender women of Color in New York. And their website, all senators suggested the show notes, but it's glitz ink G. L.. I.. T. S. I N C dot. Org and the action item is out there and you're like I've heard a lot about transgender rights. What with the Supreme Court JK rolling and I don't understand and I WANNA. Learn more about it, but I don't learn. You can follow me on twitter. You can me I'm happy to discuss. So I can't remember if I told you this story or not, and so if I'm repeating myself, I apologize but This Rachel Matto who Linda Doors was promoting her book. And and the she wasn't coming to Dallas in the. She was coming to think Oklahoma City in sold out. And Celinda was disappointed, and so I looked in, Atlanta, had tickets available? So I! I bought two tickets. We went. We're going to go. Spend Atlanta with turns out the day that she is speaking was the day of the pride parade in Atlanta. Combination of it and so earlier that weekend. My brother-in-law. Had sent a picture of a trump campaign because he had gone to a rally. And so linen high. Found a couple of Let's just say celebratory. And I said. Do you mind if we take your of course darling and I said and the reason. Why is look at what my brother-in-law sent me Oh? Yes, come here and so lemon. Are being hugged by these guys in Trag. inver just it and it was such a joy, it just a joy, and they were like we were talking about your sick, of Rachel, and they were so wonderful and and they they were talking about how you know. They have Atlanta Pride. They always do it later because it's too hot when everyone else does it. And it was, it was just a wonderful day. And the and this feeling of you know an an. Every restaurant was packed. Everyone was just. Enjoying there was this this feeling of an. In like the first time window went to a comic convention. she was shocked at all the people in doing costs. Play in how that there's tends to be very little judgment about okay, if you if you. If you're a black guy, you want address over Superman. We don't care you know and so. That feeling there so just there's my hairspray close story. That is amazing first of all very good of you to ask before taking a photo. My sibling is very a very good style. Get very tired, people just taking. Asking and. Gay Community would get mad at me if I did not mention that it is specifically important support transgender women because we have pride if they're having been stonewall riots. Were instigated. Supported in the movement after out by transgender women of Color so very nice very good. He loved to see all right. My number three is I did go one traditional? And I think when you have a discussion of. Movie musicals all time. Singing in the rain is in the discussion. If it doesn't make the list it, it's in the discussion. I had the first time. I watched it. I was amazed because everyone had seen the famous gene. Kelly dancing in the rain right, but I you could certainly make the argument. That's not even the best musical scene in the movie. make him laugh Good Morning Good Morning Move Tom. In someone just recently. Said, what is on Corum someone asked the question. Who is someone who? You think stolen movie that never got credit in this and someone said Donald Connor because Gene Kelly is amazing. Debbie Reynolds Amazing Donald Connor. no-one gets the credit and he is. He is funny in every season it is every time I watched the movie. I laugh I enjoy the musicals. I find it fascinating that. All of these were songs that were another movies the and and this was just a cheap way for them to okay, we'll just re. This was a tell greatest hits movie like we'll destroy and all this stuff and we can just that way. We don't have to pay for people for new music, and we'll just kind of zip this all together, and it's just something special. It's so I don't know if I ever actually seen the movie, but I've seen like the iconic guests, numbers and I completely agree Donald. What's his last name? Donald Connor Donald O'Connor. Yes, because you know dream. Kelly's good, but gene Kelly has been in other movies like he's right. We all.

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