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Like something's going to happen. Things funny at home could happen but like if this goes on for said even just at least two months like that's like the most good that was what it was. What can we do every day? Da Minimum two months. Saying that's minimum right. That's like when we get just two months. How can you do anything for work? Yep but like it's all gonna be about Corona. There's nothing else. It's not going to be news stories two days writing a fake curb. Your enthusiasm episode. I active time that that was a one. Time thing yeah you might just keep writing fake movies like that might be your thing. I think I'm going to do that. Vanessa hudgens that. Keep losing your mind and sang that people dying is inevitable so I can blog about that. I just need to keep happening. 'cause it's going to be no by like all the all the blog that are like viral news stories or whatever like reacting to events in the news like it's just all gonna be cronies right. Yeah I mean I mean the the people on Spring break right now the worst people ever to exactly we should go in lock down. I don't know why we all country. It seems inevitable. I feel like I feel like that. That's going to happen because what hoboken just did that too right. I'm pretty sure hope what hoboken just went shelter in places when it's called. I think that's what we're headed towards New York City. I'm saying like the whole country. Yeah I know where yeah. Well I mean California just did that right San Francisco. I think isn't shelter in play. Yeah it's it's basically just like it's Cornelie in quarantine for groceries pharmacies and I guess some delivery services be allowed to go to work this. Really nobody's listening. Yeah well and I think more people are yeah. I mean should at times square tonight like GNOME. Is there like that was? That was a moment I was like. Wow this might work. Like people actually listened to this today. That's actually a good thing It's it's not great but Yeah as I mean. We're on the apartment. You know this all these things on the news all that really really important to just sit back and kind of just relax and not worry too much about things going on and the thing that I've been using a little bit here Is a caliber countless products promised to promote wellness dressing diets extreme fitness routines over the top supplement? Regimens the list never ends. Who says to encourage yourself needs to be so hard. What's great about? Cbd Is.

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