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Agreed with roe v wade thirty one percent didn't also split pretty close in between men and women sixty five percent of women approving sixty one percent of men approving fifty eight percent of republicans polled opposed it president trump has said it will probably not ask potential nominees about roe v wade what role does that decision play in trump's election we we talked about this yesterday right and same thing i think the president probably won't bring it up but those who vetted the list of nominees have already looked at the judge's opinions on matters similar to roe v wade you know how courts the lower level sometimes take a look at aspects of the right to an abortion for example waiting time or notification requirements so i bet that the twenty five finalists or the five finalists whatever comes down to they'll have gone through some sort of litmus test by the heritage foundation or some other conservative legal group and i think it's going to be a big issue whenever these hearings are august or whenever i'm sure it'll be front and center in american politics yeah i think i think it's gonna be a big issue in the seems to be the focus of the left right now i understand why the president wouldn't ask those nominees look a potential nominee for the supreme court is going to decide on a case that's brought before them not on something broadly asked to them whether or not they think that roe v wade should be overturned the other thing about the no that issue and i think i'm hearing this from republicans like susan collins and from lindsey graham and others is they're saying very clearly some of the more moderate republicans that you can be prolife i'm prolife for example but still have this notion that this is settled law and that the country doesn't want to go back to the period before nineteen seventythree so yeah it's going to be a key part of this but this is far from a slam dunk that for some reason roe v wade is going to be overturned i know a lot of people think jeffrey toobin making this prediction last week that in eighteen months twenty two states will not allow abortion i think it's far too early to decide on that but charlie's right this is going to become a key part of these hearings and it is going to get hot and the fact is you can't predict these things a for example when he was elevated the high court out of saint louis by the way harry blackmun told everybody i am just a strict construction as i follow the previous rulings when it comes to all matters of the law and i follow what the founding fathers i'm very conservative i go where the law leads me and he's the guy who ended up writing roe versus wade so you just have no idea you'll appoint someone like david suitor oh there's a conservative just the opposite or you appoint john roberts thinking he's gonna reflect the views of the conservatives and he's the guy who made obamacare possible so anthony kennedy is another good example he was a reagan appointee your bork and he was the swing vote on that court for three decades so yeah it's hard to predict how these justices will you know will fall in line with the rulings because they all have different judicial philosophies that's mark written with charlie brennan i'm tom ackerman it's over time we'll come back in a quite a bit of turnover at the white house in a year's time we'll dive into that story and more in overtime on cable wax they want to tell you about doctors greg birdie run tra robert bruce almighty and andrew royer who are known as the doctors doctors why are they known as the doctors doctors well.

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