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My good friend Conor. Daly got got my buddy conner daily on the line. I guess got to be a full time indycar driver this year but right now you're fulltime. Ira Sir my friend. How's everything going? Yeah it's an interesting title to Have never really expected that Yeah here we are. I mean. It's obviously a weird time can be alive right now. but We gotta do the best of what we got right now which is currently Video Games and steering wheels in our guest bedrooms in my case. It's pretty wild. I got a radio studio in my guest bedrooms. So there you go you know what I mean. It's we do what we gotta do to stay relevant right Yeah exactly I mean it is what it. W- you know I I. I've always been into video games. Love Video Games. I've always been called nerd but my friends but now a lot of the other drivers are putting in more hours than I do. So is this you know it's it's hilarious tables of turn. Everyone is now nerd and You know we're all competing like it's a real race every weekend because you know we're competitive here. Well you know it's funny. I had this conversation with somebody yesterday and I said you know out of everybody in motor sport. And we don't WanNa get into the guys who have definitely hurt their stock by the whole I racing thing but out of everybody in Motorsport. I said you know caught her. I said I said I appreciate him. Because I said you go into the indycar season and then you look a month and a half later. And I said Qatar's the one guy who's actually improved his stock because not only do we know you're bad ass indycar driver but now you've got this social following in the IRA and community and gaming. And everything else. Like I I don't know if there's a way to be successful in the middle of a pandemic somehow you figured out a way to stay relevant. Actually Improve Your stockman. I appreciate it man. I mean it. It's all about building brand. I mean every day even even when the world was you know was running as normal. You got to build your brand every day whether it's on me or whatever and I mean I've been on the twitch twitch stuff for a while but You know I never really played racing games. So it's not really been super appealing. I guess my core fan base But now enforced new so You know it's it's it's something my family's Roy I think you know I'm I'm still going to be streaming as much lower normally stream. You know when when this whole pandemic is over. I'll probably play a little bit more duty than I. Racing but I I'm not a huge fan of the area since then but I think probably still end up doing some mobile rations with some people because oval stuff fun but but yeah it's it's it's it's something you gotTa Think About Building Your brand twitch platform that we have is so great big fans engaged if people that support you are able to support you. You know multiple way on their platform. So I think it's I think that. Yeah well I ask her. Twit stream has become like its own thing. You know what I mean like. It's and you've got. I mean everybody talks about when you guys whether it be you know we had my offer event you guys have the rallycross stuff you got the indycar stuff but your stream. I mean and you got the usual suspects you and Alex and and travel and I chatter e POPs on their hinch does with some of the events things like that you know. It's like what I did this whole thing. You'd organized because now it's become like the place to go and when something's on everybody wants to tune into your twitch twitch feed just so they can hear the chaos yeah certainly. It's been surprising how much it's taken off by I think what ended up happening. Is You know. Obviously the INDYCAR guys we sort of all in my close friend released like I already knew that operate marriage. There already knew like I knew it. This scored the newer. We can get together and chat And then you know at least a hang out while we're doing this. Ira thing and then. I told everyone well. You know by the way treatment as well and they're like yeah whatever and then you know just kind of it kind went from there so I think it's you know it's a place where we can just be really honest and laugh at the same time is trying to compete And then all of a sudden our you know we got Travis Pastrana in there. We've got Chad read. Chad is a good friend of mine. We raised against the last year and the Lamborghini super series which was really cool. And I mean I've been Fan Chad for a long time. You guys. I was always number twenty two when I was growing up. That's mainly because my dad was twenty two at one point in Formula One but Chad's obviously rep the number twenty two for a long time. And he's he's been a legend. It's really cool to be a part of Of that little group of people and and it's been hilarious so coming out of this quarantine to be friends with Travis Pastrana inside read and and I think that's We can hang that up as life goal achieved you get to hang out with the trash. You got shot. It was a red bull video right at Indianapolis Motor speedway this winter. You're the you're one of the golfers in the video right so I know you can try. It traveled Hung out before and during that Red Bull. Shoot in the middle of like a frigid ass Indianapolis Winter. I know I. They did not know I was a driver or anything didn't travel once. I was purely used as an extra on the didn't even see Rossi that day literally. It was so cold that no one was really hanging out at the golf. That's the truth comes out of that video because I figured I was like. Oh that'd be a fun group to hang out with right now. Everybody that I've talked to. I think Liza said that was like literally one of the coldest days ever to be out there filming. She's like no. Don't WanNa do it again. Well terrible honestly. Great product gray finished product but Gal. It was a rough day. Well let's talk a little bit about twenty twenty Max we'll come back to the IRA stuff in a minute. But I know this was we had caught up but I know this was actually really until the rug got pulled out from all of us and eight will still be an epic year for you. You're one of the guys I know you've obviously last year. You found some numerous homes had a great run in Indianapolis finished tenth. There you know coming into the season though I mean you know you picked up that ride with with ECR which was for all the all the road and street courses plus Andy which have you stoked man because ECR indy. I mean that's you know that's a car that can put it on the poll. You know and then you also brought Carlin for the remaining oversee. You somehow splice together a fulltime ride in indycar. I mean it wasn't in the normal traditional sense but you gotta to be pumped to be back fulltime in the INDYCAR series this year. Yeah I mean. We've been working on it for for years. I it's been in twenty seventeen. We've been full-time so it's really cool to to get back to that. It's it's been a long road it's been popped not really sure how it's you know. I didn't really know how it was. GonNa go times But the only reason I'm here airports I mean they're they're the only legitimate reason why I'm still in any driver which is You know which is which I'm really thankful for An incredible sponsor credible partner able to represent four And and yeah I mean it is going to be exciting. Do we get less races. Ask which is very similar to how you know. I assumed would you know I never would. I assume that there would be a pandemic when I re employed for full-time season but I sing. Something of this nature would happen. I do tend to have a monkey pets fine. I'm so sorry start. All those who've had their season dependent. It's probably my fault but it's GonNa be fun to great teams Carlos Awesome. I'm actually starting the season with Carlin. I up now because Texas is our first rate so that'll be the first time ever in my indycar career. I will have been with the same team but at the same track two years in a row so and so. It's GonNa be exciting to do that. And then When we get an carpenter racing team I can't wait a for those guys. It's been so fun to get to know everyone and I get to know better. They run such a great organization and I'm just I'm so pumped to get back. You know to real life. Well how does the schedule I mean? Obviously you guys. All you guys are professionals. You can adapt and overcome. But how does this new scheduled kind of throw a wrench in your plans? I mean you guys had everything planned out and obviously I know it. Probably the teams. I mean it's got them working double time trying to figure out logistics and everything else so this new new schedule you know. Use a driver. I mean you kind of had an idea of the way the the flow of the season was going to go things like that with tracks travel you know and the mix of ovals and road courses and things like that you know now all of a sudden we're starting out in Texas. I think we got. What a trio of dates in Indianapolis I mean. How is this changed the way you're approaching things just because it's completely different man? I mean month. May I mean we're playing we're playing? Ira Sing in the month of May. Something's weird you know. Yeah it's it's honestly like it does make me sad thing about You know I I have never in my life ever since I existed and the human. And they're not been an indy. Five hundred in the month of May is a every every year my life better track every year my life. I've you know I've been excited for the race of the fan and then a driver So it is. It is going to be mentally quite difficult. I think we go through the next couple of weeks But you know we. We do have something to afford. I mean we have we have sexist Jim. We have scheduled a fifteen races You know and and hopefully more maybe have more I mean I think it's a dynamic situation that is gonNA always change. Everyone's going to have to adapt. I think the toughest thing for me being with a new team with cardinals the fact that now testing is not allowed anymore. So you know. We were going to do a lot of questions throughout the year because the team the team doesn't cut corners at all. And we have you know. We had plenty of tax days lined up as much as we can do And now all that's gone and it's it's GonNa be very sure race weekends. It looks like potentially You know until we get things a little bit more back to normal so it's GonNa be really tough on drivers. Really tough on rookies It's going to be really tough. I think everyone's GonNa try and you know go. Bigger go home. Type of approach could be a lot of mistakes So you just gotTa hope you make it in the first. Few races is a bit of a information collecting journey and try to try to stay. Stay good point strategy. Stay up towards the Front And then really hit your stride mid season when one hundred is happening in August. So we'll see what happens. How how important was it?.

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