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With in her descendants like now because she came to new she gave Harlem. She came to Harlem. So that's big. That's like you're right. You're right you're right culture. The Black Hole Charan Harlem during that time was like a big thing to see. Because it's like you look at somebody like like Paris Hilton. After she has children her children won't care about Harvey and her father. It'll be the money is passed down by MOM. Yeah so hopefully you know but whatever we we don't know so I wanNA say Sunday night. Maybe Monday morning came and there were multiple multiple posts against the telling of the story of C. Or I guess the speculations about any malone the historic with the historical context of it like the actual fact saying that is incorrect. And they didn't like the so there's another person named name any malone. They made her addy in the movie. Eddie Malone And you said back in Saint Louis Amy Malone is a big deal she That's why I said that she was Ending Malone I mean madame. Cj Walker was one of the first one of the first black Millionaires because back home any malone was was the person that was presented to us as one of the one of the black African American Millionaires so she. I didn't know what she was known for. I didn't know what she was known for. She knows that she they just labelled her as entrepreneurs she started a business and then she started all schools and all of these different things and they told her her life like they did I think he was like in two thousand fourteen now thirteen. They did a whole in Saint Louis History Museum. They did a whole exhibit of her life and she had like pay her husband alimony. And all of this stuff her an in the story her in a malone. I'm hurrying madame. Cj Walker were friends. They were like Oh. They were millionaires together. Like they were friends in real life. That's yeah that's what still. Yeah and that's and that's the only issue with regional history. Yeah 'cause I in the Mid West yellow probably know all that stuff. Yeah that's like just in New York outside of New York. People won't know anybody anything about I. Don't think they have a IT'S A. It's a or finish from her home. She has an orphanage that We have the mayday parade which is benefits that so we have African at one of the largest African. American parades in a country is the second largest one second social cargo at one point. It was the third because New York used to have their American history Paret but is one of the the one second second largest African American paret happens every year in May and It raises money for her orphanage for her her nonprofit organization so and it's called the Animal Home Parade right and that and that's the interesting thing about like regional histories like outside of the Mid West. No-one over here would have known that no one you know what I'm saying. I'm sure people in Chicago. Everybody saying yeah well. 'cause she allowed lot of her money that she may was in the worst. Indiana like yeah. Yeah so It's wasn't Indiana and Indianapolis Indianapolis. She wants to Indianapolis Certain she was Emma Missouri. Then she went to Indianapolis Chicago. I don't think he said the state incentives to end in Cincinnati. Okay I knew about Cincinnati but that would be yeah regional history lesson only bad part about that's everywhere but yeah because we don't know historical people appear less. You really find out. I mean other than Elaine Stan. Hughes they lost of something. That's multi. Yeah I one. Hundred percent so A few I WANNA say this one is one in particular but the rhetoric was the same the whole time. It was Well the first one I the young lady says she was angry that they pitted her in any malone against each other which they did but then I brought it for suckler right so she says that she says we need to tell any malone story at that point I was as soon as she said I was. Kinda turned off because I understood her rhetoric but I find myself whenever I see a lot of these Rebuttals to shows and movies and things of that nature when I see this people won't let what the production is supposed to be about an annex story for what it is not an enemy balloon story story as she's like. I see people saying say her name say her name and I'm like Bro. It's not her story to be told of her. Family probably didn't get clearance for her representation in the story. I mean if you think about it in context they had to include her in the story because she was a story line but after after Madame CJ Walker. Do all that she needed to do. You didn't really need her like I mean. I think the the argument is if they want to be honest is that she's so hurt product which. I was going to exactly. Yeah if you want to argue about something argue about Cillian of intellectual property. It's and not even the argument that it's not having people having their own you pay for one. They say they made any malone light skin. Like you showed me a picture. Sheila Pretty light to me. I'll her black and white photos very pretty light. I'm just GONNA color photos of the the one of them but you can tell a color a dark skinned woman from from lysine. Even if she wasn't that light she was liked her. She was a little bit on the brighter side. Yeah so it's this. Oughta know why they put them up against each other. They made her lighter than this one. And it's like we can't deny that that was literally by thirty years after slavery. Color color isn't wasn't thing it was still there lynching was still going on hate was still going on. They were so called black. Man Boys like there was still black. Butlers like these like this shit yeah still existed the hate still existed and People were getting mad saying oh I don't know why they put them against each other like when manager award his a spoiler alert. 'cause we gotta tell part about it When Manatee Jaywalkers stole up Stole the few teams Thera Breedlove? Let's go that that's how real name right right. Yeah I mean you know yes. You're definitely did. That's a whole ya gotTA watch movies names. Any he paid for it. She did but I mean he did his due diligence. Whether get that give an we'll talk. We'll talk in fact both played a part Odom. Yeah so when she took the three tens of any Malone's hair product. She went on and she went out. She went out sold. It brought the money back and in the story in the production and says that any malone turned away from being a sales person right the lady that I watched the video. The one who made the video says it. They were partners from beginning to. They broke up that she was never a cleaning lady. Manatee Jaywalk was never her cleaning lady. She says there were always partners. Only seen even look at the story would win that. They say she was the cleaning lady. I use the wrong term. Wash the wrong Clinton. That would mean that she was right. I use a wrong turn. She was a Washer. You are correct right So she says manatees. You walk was never a Washer. And I'm like where did they get that from those right? That can cause because if we watch ray if we I'll people a lot of people who are actually doing that time. I was in Saudi. Money was a normal thing you know but she gets angry and she's like in the rhetoric. The whole thing is like animal anymore. Well when somebody will use it when somebody from animals family comes by and approves it. That's what animal story will come out and I saw that. Those are two different journeys to think the story that's being told about any madame. Cj WALKER WAS. The determination was different. And that's what they were pointing out through the whole movie they were they were talking about if you look at the whole story and how how was developed by how they were telling her story it was based off. Embiid. This was a black woman that came up in the woods. This was early early on eight late. Eighteen hundreds right hundred right late eighteen hundreds early nineteen hundreds because she lied in one thousand nine hundred and she was one of the first the first round of children to be born into freedom. Right so with that being said she come out for her. Family is coming off the plantation. She has worked up to this point. She'd had her first kid at fourteen was divorced and then got remarried again and decided. Oh I'M GONNA fulfill my dream and do this. And she went on for head on in a world that wasn't looking for women one. Let's be clear 'cause Booker T. Washington was very real exciting. The Black Man. The black man really thought after that time the black man has to get I. The woman got the key. Come second so. It's not like that rhetoric lived to get you get your words come so with that being said she's living in a world war not only the white man don't WanNa see the black man don't want to see her win either. She's decided I'm going to go ahead and do this shit anyway. So the determination when people with Kelleher. She Ain't it she went to go. Do I think that's motive? That motivated me to say. Okay I can I can kick down any fucking door I want. That's the problem. People people prefer when while I can't say when everything when yeah when everything comes out one thing some people prefer to spew the negative over the positive like it's I forgot who said it but it's like critics don't critics. Don't get statues. Yeah what I'm saying. So it's so easy to pick apart the negative and I understand people ask advocating for for 'em alone but if you're gonNA come forth come for. Don't just tell us a story. You bring the facts. Where did you get this information and this is a book? Is it some place that we can go read up because at this point we're introduced to somebody in our history that we don't fucking know about no clue and known especially now because I know in my Israel's and you was like well I don't know who she is so you're now introducing this new person to this new group of people this story? That particular story wasn't about her. But since you the story has taken place and you have knowledge as UK. People send those articles post those articles. Don't just post your opinion. You can but make sure you back it up with facts. I'm sure you back it up because it approves no point if you're saying oh they're wrong they're wrong they're wrong and then instead of saying they're wrong. This is how they're wrong. Let me show you see and let me give this issue. With a lot of people who rebuttal things people want to go viral. They don't WanNa give facts. They WANNA go viral. It's not about hey I can tell you where to learn this from. I can tell you where you're wrong. It's like no I just want you to see I'm angry. In riposted I sell fill like I feel emotion Sarda control. Now as heavy as Spencer is such a A A well known person in our history has done so many. Shoot at the help she. The help is based off of true. Fucking story is isn't a? I think it was like it was like. I don't think it's a true story is based off an interpretation of a book the book of true events and stuff like that. But you know as heavy offense Spencer knowing that this is somebody in our history that people really follow. I mean let's be clear. I mean Madame. Cj Walker Stolen Shit. Yes she did but Her she didn't steal the work at this is a whole. That's what it is. It is not you know a person people still shift for year. Okay okay the music industry. Let's be clear What's his name of? Elvis stole all the James Brown. She and he said that shit no around. Yeah he stole. He stole everything from Who Was Chuck Berry Little Richard Literature Literature? You know what's funny? He said that in an interview that he got that from black people who are Chuck Berry. You had Literature you had a Big Mama Thornton. You had there was so many people before him buddy. Holly was a theft I mean let's begin to music. Music is just the biggest scam artists that there is. I mean we have. We want to talk about cooperation. Kosher procreation we talk about Inca culture stealing because people do this shit all the time. People do share all time people still fashion. Okay look people still fascist. It's all the fucking time from different people. Uh I will bring up a great point on that Virgil blow virtually blow when he did off white in the beginning. Will I hear pyrex vision? But he off I in the beginning one is a popular Polo Ralph Lauren. The rugby section of his nominee went out of Business Virgil Atalanta.

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