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Is Chauncey from Chauncey's great outdoors, come out out and follow me into the great outdoors, whether it's close to home or across this great country. Come on out and follow me. I hope you're ready to enjoy today's show and follow me into the great outdoors on this week's trances great outdoors. We're going to hear from Tim Mandel eight's the first Saturday of the month, so he's from the force preserved district of Cook County. And he's going to talk to us about what we could do right now own backyard in the force preserves of Cook County lots of programmes lots of activities, even though it's going to be a little bit cooler, a swarm who knows that the weather is going to be He's going to have lots of programs for us to enjoy in the great outdoors. That's what's got me excited. And then we're going to be talking about a good buddy Chris Tar Santo. He's from T Bone Guide service. Always wanted to ask him, does he? Do? T bone steak says a little lunch? Not really. He doesn't. But we're gonna be talking with him about late fall Muskie fishing because that's what we're into. And there's a lot of Muskie waters from Chabon, a Wolf Lake. Chena Lakes to many other Busey Lake in the force preserves of Cook County. There's lots of places for us to enjoy. The great outdoors of Muskie fishing also write their own band cared, and that's got me pretty excited a lot about stuff like that. And of course, then we're gonna have on our last segment of our show for, you know, a little bit of outdoor news and fishing reports and we can't pass it up because I'll get all kinds of emails. But we will have the ever popular Aiden's fishing report from Western Michigan and more remember, I don't read the report until right when I look at it. When we're doing the show, so I have no idea what he's going to say to us, But you never know. Aiden is always good for something..

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