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Half of the American history anybody that was part of that game will tell you that in the in our sport but I think I asked the question on my show which is more likely to get the home upset that are both home dog okay although bills for the Detroit Lions what he got for me and I in I believe. and even more so now after last night Tom Brady like the video from the NFL network saying that the bills are going to get the upset by the patriots and Tom Brady rides off of that type of stuff if somebody said something bad about him he's going to target them Tom Brady is that this guy who for ever has been building this legacy now it's like he's on a victory lap and it seems like it's never gonna and somehow they lose Grong Tom turned sixty and they've gotten even better their defense is unstoppable so I don't think the bills have any shot against the patriot that's actually one of my locks of the patriots minus seven and a half what I think The Lion King keep a close with the chief strictly because the like what map the church had built in the culture that has been being built in the side of the lions locker room last year there's a lot of conversation lot of comes to map the Tricia has lost the locker room Matt Tricia rally the troops map here's what broke his ankle doors Achilles whatever the hell was required this off season now is rolled around on a little scooter thing and that means seems very believe enough yeah many staff would been protected I think they have a chance to keep a close but to me I think the Buffalo Bills are the team that I love watching their fans perform before games are like watching them have a little bit of success I like the thought of **** getting tossed on the seals but for me I think the Buffalo Bills are about to turn into a little bit of a down fall it's going to start with Tom Brady in handsome Joanne Adams Pat McAfee giving us is picks including all the intangibles here on the rich Eisen show. the Pat McAfee show so you said this on the Pat McAfee show the Pat McAfee show two point oh or on get off I don't I can't I can't figure I can't follow it anymore at your your your branding years it's it's all for the bride I don't even know what the brand is anymore there's so many brokerage charges yeah the brand is kickers empires there are things that I'm going to the brand in the chat for the right my particular brand now that I have all these different avenues of content the live show is much different than the podcast podcast what longer conversation something that your incredible at something that I try to bring out the best in my guest in the live shows lot of cold water one of my and then when I get on get up I try to put make up on the on the mothership not where let's say something good hopefully drives in conversation so the different avenues to different domestic different things but they are all kind of just blend in together yeah I got to be careful on one work blue when you're not just don't forget where you're on you know what I mean like because you're working blue on your pod but definitely not on Westwood One right and then definitely not on ESPN. he got out the guy I've got like a fool I assume you guys learn this in like journalism school and stuff like that yeah whatever I sit down and I get myself I have to have a full like forty five seconds to a minute long conversation about where a man who's potentially less ninety one I'm on ESPN I just think of Mickey Mouse into what he was is everybody gets their. the worst thing and hopefully I just turn off the switch was working on a very my mom and then whatever I get on the podcast it's like all right all of them out get it all out now because every other time you're on a Mike there's a potential FCC find ready to take down your entire come along glide is here that you have that ability to go to of on one's case to infinity and beyond and then I understand where you are otherwise Pat because I have worked with many folks before many former athletes turned broadcasters like yourself who can't put two words together on ESPN I remember at ESPN I want to call his name out right now but his former NBA player in the meetings was great just laid up with all sorts of information and energy bought was cursing is hot off the entire time when he had to remove the curse words from his commentary couldn't put two words together and and and didn't pan out so I'm glad to know that you have that gear switch Pat. well I have a currently I don't know how long is your last. I'll go back when I was on barstool with bar stools yeah and I was able to just do whatever I wanted on yours no rules but the W. W. we they asked me if I wanted to come do some stuff with them and they become a super P. G. operation like I really think you can say ask there so for the two weeks leading up to the W. W. we show I said alright I'm have a swear jar for every single time I swear I'm a put a hundred Bucks in there Thomas where for the next two weeks the wind up donating it to the student Jason we we was muscular dystrophy except for those bedridden basically wanted we wanted to upgrade his room so we put the swear jar together two weeks it will not be a thirteen thousand dollars which also under percent sure well not at hand all for a good cause man year yeah you just got to be careful you can say that a word you just can't have a preposition before it that's all that's that's that's and you used what what were did you use last night during your broadcast even tweeted out Pat like incredulous or what what were did you drop during the broadcast last night was like at least three or four syllables I was very impressed by that. thank you you're very welcome you don't so what's region universe graduate but I was there and I knew yesterday with the triple option that may be wrong yes we are going to hammer home just that the quarterback has to make decisions quickly right so I knew I was going to have to say it people don't love my voice but they especially don't let my voice from saying the same thing over and over again right so I asked my smart friends that I have yeah I need other words for quickly in the first one they sent over was impetuous that's the one. yes and I got it in their early to be honest I was pretty excited about it but I've never been more nervous to deliver something because this navy folks are watching a game or really smart group we humans are trying to keep up with them but it makes you feel good I'm the arts my mom's proud the big moment for our family to get that word out I know you were a little bit too impetuous and dropping the word Pat see what I went right there see I'm just trying to go next level also on trying to do brother or did you did you hear I said that and nobody said anything I had to complement my cell. using your social media platforms that just blow up at Pat McAfee show on Twitter and Instagram you can follow patch show on Twitter at Pat McAfee on his own D. AZ and you got to spell that out since it's you know how many people say man I love you on daz and they say that to you Pat they say that to you warm now we are a little bit of a PR problem currently at a lot of people say days in a lot of people C. as in but if you do though and whatever many days old and I'm speaking vehicle works design can only grow from that but yeah I think right now a big part of this is awareness on how the hell to pronounce the global number one app his own which I'm very lucky to be a part of okay before I let you go Chris rock when you just came up with the parting question for Pat McAfee before he goes this is a good one I like it go for Chris yeah Pat was announced yesterday J. well and she Keira halftime act of the super ball any initial thoughts here your thoughts. don't be fooled by the rocks that I got I'm still I'm still Jenny from the block in the block that Jenny is from Jess is New York in the block that she is from is Columbia and Adam Schefter tweeted that principal Super Bowl in Miami we add a little Miami waiver thought he was gonna get ruined for that by you know the mob on the internet I thought he was going to get it but I absolutely love the thought of J. lo and Shakira their hips don't lie they're incredibly talented in it Mr Israel five people doesn't make an appearance I will boycott the second half of the Super Bowl but I am pumped up about it I always enjoy the Superbowl halftime content our performances because half the people are gonna hate it happy people are gonna love it and I'm just gonna sit back and watch the internet exploded regardless of what happens yeah I know the the the the blocks from which both these wonderfully talented performers are from not not Miami but that's fine that's fine we're good and as long as you just put on a good show on your right that would be a major upset of pit bull does not appear major upset huge. I would agree Mr worldwide too I mean Superbowl is a worldwide operational don't bring Mr worldwide and there is some talent order you do and maybe we get Ricky Ross in there to trick Daddy I mean if we're going to go through the entire thing was is that mark Paul or whatever they got to use the very gentle I mean let's just get it all out there let's make sure that my broadcasted well it looks so ed you put on a hell of a show for the Superbowl and I agree if we're gonna just get Gloria Stefan of the Miami sound machine that's just go let's go what is John John. I'm just going way back I hate the way back button on your path Miami sound machine. yeah don't worry all the game is not just for young folks and you have no idea what really listening you have no idea how the rhythm is gonna get your Pat just keep just keep on out of there just I'm I'm gonna I'm gonna stop making these references because our cold totally going over your head but in the meantime what I'm greatly because you being on this program. rich you gotta remember any talk to me enough you know this. like a lot of references just go where. hi you have become in a leaked. the thing is if I know exactly about. well old record right now. no clue. that you're the best keep it up brother I'm really really excited to watch you on on ESPN and everything else that you're doing his own your podcast your your W. W. E. the hold that take care of yourself let's let's keep talking. Hey rich you're the best man tell Chris I said hello to you guys have any transplant only dealt to folder no he is not he is covering the the the fight that's going on this weekend symporter Bentsen Porter coming up this week and he is way too important he's laying wires and making sure it's not like it with if you hear if you hear the touching of gloves are the gloves touching somebody else's face or or hear the body shots it's because Mike has done his job or at least tells us that's what he's doing. well Kristin rich when I say this I mean this it sucks the stock boys don't you closed door that show. I don't really know don't do that. take yourself out the money. thank you god let me double weekend sure you too bye it's time back America's sweetheart. don't do that to us you can't you can't say that about they'll to fill on leave you can leave us in a better spot which is found in the US with. walk off there that's all I ask of our guests and that's what I'll say to Billy Bob Thorton when I see in our green room later right please leave us in a better spot that you found us will check on our poll question Chris Brockman news update you have what what's your cloud had to say when you have a high reading Katie them much old class Daniel Jones has chimed in on. he's really only Romo golf update yes and we're gonna hear from Kay Dee and curry wonderful that's all next year on the rich Eisen show the Capital One it better banking reimagined system what do I mean by that it starts with the ability to open a checking or savings account with no fees or.

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