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W i o D and taking a look right now adopt the radar. If you are heading out and driving today, Rooster with extra caution, we do have a tropical storm that's on the move. While we're not going to feel a direct impact, those outer pants could make it a little treacherous from time to time on and off rain showers and went gas expected oclock in anywhere from 30 to 45 MPH for us here in South Florida right now, Temperature wise 77 in western 83 on Key Biscayne and now 702. Tropical storm Elsa. It's definitely making its presence known. NBC's Jay Gray has more after battering the Caribbean with high winds, heavy surf and flooding rains. Elson now takes aim at the Florida Gulf Coast, some on the western side of the peninsula, stacking sandbags and stocking up on storm supplies. Now storms feeder bands are to blame for over 1000 power outages overnight in Miami Dade and Broward counties. Some areas. Street flooding also reported that the storm should be passing by the keys today, moving along our West Coast before making a likely landfall sometime tomorrow. The National Weather Service is calling for up to a half inch of rain today in the Miami area winds exceeding 20 to 30 MPH. At times, maybe even a little stronger than that. And more parts of the state are now under threat from Elsa Governor De Santis has expanded a state of emergency to 15 more counties in North Florida, including a La Chew and Marion counties. He did remove three counties, including Miami Dade from the previous state of emergency. Now, 703 and 28 people are now confirmed dead and Surfside with over 100 still missing after the condo tower collapsed.

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