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Him and so their way of doing it because they. Produce, production The producers decided that they own the character and they had the right to make me look like him. Which of course? was. Kind of absurd I, work already at universal as characters on the tour Stan Laurel and Charlie, Chaplin, Groucho Marx, and they paid the rights to. have me play those characters. The universal must they must have had the rights from Crispin to make me. Look like him. Anyway as we know it after the third film came out, he called me and and Cried his side of the story how they abused Him and used his footage and likeness without his approval and. Very little pay etc and then you know it I learned also they're keeping me secret when I asked for my stills from by work or footage or help promote. The film I had mysterious mysteriously gigs fall all through that I had contracts on and. No support from production they were trying to keep me a secret why it was very odd a why yeah. Because I don't think they wanted to be sued. Okay and now the. Insurance, ended up settling out of court and giving crispin three quarters of million dollars. And and it wasn't until really the the really. Adamant. Fans who were paying attention in the late nineties early two thousand started. You know kind of pulling me into the cast reunions and Fans from around. The world would come visit me at Van Consoles. Wow. You feel like that. Hurt your career. Absolutely thank A. I. In fact, I remember my agent didn't really negotiate very well for me. I had to go to Zemeckis and say you know I'd I co Star Clint Eastwood in this Western and had a Title Credit. and. Bob Said, I won't give you a a single card, but I'll give you a shared title card. He was fine with that. So I I get six billion on part to sharing a title card with James Tolkien. And after that was reported to Bob a gale and Neil Canton, they came running over to me what are you doing talking to the director about your? Your. Billing you don't talk to the director I said, well, it could be a step backwards in my career to take anything less than a shirt titled Art they were fuming they were furious because it was going to expose. You know my name and right was Jeffrey West. We don't recognize, and of course, you don't recognize me I mean four hours of a prosthetic application you know. Was it was an awkward job and as it turned out. It caused a lot of trouble in my life like my. Life turned upside down when I found out that I had been blackballed. By the company. So why? The word to what a you know that's a revelation itself I. Think most guys most actors, most people in the creative arts to them. That's like a super huge break in. It's the moment you live for, and then it turns out to be something that really hurts your career in a long way that's gotta be a major mind. Keep. Hilson I had some serious problems resulting from that. In. Ended up being. kind of a nervous breakdown period in my life turned upside down for a while. You know what? I find a lot of people who give their lives to be creative arts. No matter what it is go through a lot of mental struggles and stuff like that, and it's not surprising to everybody. Yeah. Everybody ends up in therapy at some point and that's why I almost every comedian. I have on clothes themselves a comedian slash mental health advocate. Shit. Great Comedians that I know all have. Pretty good brains and use them extensively with being activists with trying to. Comment and make people realize what's going on in the political scene or Social scene and and the the really great ones used their jokes to heighten people's awareness and and laugh at at the these things. Otherwise he'd cry all the time. Though I you know I also have my own theories about. Sometimes making fun of the horrid things that people in power do. Somehow gives gives them. Permission gives people permission to accept what they're doing in. Normalizes it. It's key. Yeah. We yet does desensitize you to a lot of it and we lose the ability to become shocked and I, think that's that's a message. I get every single day when I look at my twitter feed is like. These all these things would have shocked the hell out of me twenty, thirty, forty years ago. Now, they come daily in Dose in multiple doses like every day you get this ten different things that would normally should shy kill. So. Kind of happy that my parents aren't alive to see this shift. The by John Drop to watch the. Bay. I you know. The the Vice President TELLING THE PRESIDENT TO SHUT UP You know I was a kid of the sixties and respect. But writer, you never tell it was unfathomable to hear someone. And of course, he deserved it because he wouldn't shut up. And, it was an unfair situation. Really. Yeah. Hate bullies just hateful. So. You know it's a very bizarre time with a lot of disrespect but I think it comes out of. The bullying and end the disrespect that's going on that has been systemic in our society for a long time. At for us to not. Be, kicked off the planet by the planet itself. You know the planet will survive I don't know if humans will. Yeah with the science of climate change and everything going down. It's it's interesting times. Let me just leave it at that. Yeah. You know funny that you should go down that road a little bit because just before the program doing some cleaning up in the house and my wife is a very religious person I'm not but I noticed he's reading a book about the prophecy of the end times and all this stuff and she's A. Believe she's police that we're living in the end times I don't because what I feel like in the years that I've been alive. One thing I've learned is we'd never hit rock bottom we could always go just a a little bit lower every every day I'm reminded yeah we still haven't hit rock bottom yet. So I think we still have a long way to go but It's hard not to do the doom scrolling. There are so many. People who are. Trying to fight the good fight and others who have just given up in you know Jesus is coming and we're all going with except you don't believe. Okay. that's really not very great compassion coming from your heart. Doesn't make sense to me. I think coming together and facing problems and figuring out you know entrusting science entrusting love is the is the thing to do. But I digress I want to let you know that I also brought my sponsor on in case you needed a because this. Relief tension. It's a fever reducer. It's a pain. Anaya. Later it's the Miracle Elixir in I. Know You have a sponsor I have onto and? Mine has a delicious.

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