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Lose fate that's why you know when i when i do this show it tends to be optimistic because you can you can figure out your way out of almost anything if you want to get out of it sometimes they don't they just the sat this is what we're doing in this is what we want to do and that's coal it's their prerogative but but if you realize i go i intended this to go a little better and there are plenty of examples of it you can always figure out a way did it was all worth it in the end you know i i respect somebody who falls into a whole that was well camouflaged and they had fallen into a hole before in that area and they didn't know there were holes right more than the person who's staring at their iphone blindly walking falling at a whole after holed up her whole and digging themselves out nine some another hole sometimes i think wwe is staring at their iphone falling two holes when they should be looking where they're going and then when they dig themselves out yes you get credit for digging yourself out but i kind of would prefer they just pay a little more attention to up to the to the overall scheme of things going in and and part of that as i hope on it at that that respect for the narrative structure the constitution of characters do it every other tv show does add scripted that they like to compare themselves do but that said part of the fun of watching wwe it is is seeing them with their volleys and foibles in and uh faults tried to do the paul him in three a liberation thank it did yeah it's go turn chicken into chicken salit and and so i mean of course i mean part of being a wwe fan as a grownup whose immersed in it and kind of understands the way things work in you you actually kinda can tell like the fan who can tell you if attendance is up ten or twenty percent are down ten or twenty percent and did you know and can break down whether the record revenue that stephanie's bringing about on twitter israeli tied to a single decision made in last by months or not on those types of fans who look at it through that lands which we do.

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