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Is you in the essential that? You've already read. Merch you've already tried to adapt some of these strategies to the classroom. Last year was a different situation, and now you're bringing all of this again but process differently. Because you've embraced change may be hopefully. And you come into the classroom and here you are. And here is your collaboration with students and when I. Say you come into the classroom I don't mean you're physically entered the classroom. I also mean you turn your computer on I. also mean you sound the same materials to students? In, whatever way you you teach? Such. Important ideas you know. Like you mentioned the more experienced teacher is the more the poster syndrome but A. Like why? With every step you make you get more and more experienced than this is what is most valuable? Isn't it Your price about take Brought meter thing can often beautiful example that I was. I was yesterday preparing for the. Reigning the Blue Ocean strategy to the cost of the business communication to the students. There was lowest Rhodesia the Professor Strategy Changed Strategy Inside the top business co in the world and what she said that. As I, mentioned previously that. In the corporate people are. Scared to change but also they are the first one because they can pay for the coaches who can help them to change. And she gave the example of. A for mother on a beach side. Was A kid who's carrot to? Swim. She's had. A lot of people get their cats cared by this boat. were, they take on the boat and his his throne near to the ocean so that you swim and then you definitely role swim. But because there is this almost existential threat. And the mothers are scared of the cats going to the seaside for the first time. The father's. Grandparents or most of this case..

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