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Homerun derby champion Just a cool event. And lock it it helps when the local guy wins you saw, that in. Cincinnati twenty fifteen Bryce Harper becoming the third player to win the homerun derby in. His home park Ryan Sandberg did plan for the cubs at Wrigley field in nineteen ninety hit a, district of Columbia flag bandanna wearing it last night and not only, did he win but he did so. In dramatic fashion, he, outlasted cubs slugger, Kyle, Schwarzer. Harper. Anita nineteen homers he got one at the buzzer sent to bonus time and he hit his nineteen th Homer to, win the contest It was awesome with a minute to, go actually a little bit less than a minute to go in the final round Harper trail Forber. Eighteen to nine he then went on to hit eight straight homers and nine of his next ten his father was throwing them which, is. Very very cool and then on a second swing of bonus time, he hit number nineteen to send the. Crowd into an absolute frenzy it was just a cool scene last, night it. Was a cool scene because Bryce Harper's in Washington and the real winner is to. Me it's it's us as viewers because what they've done with the format and they made the change, in two thousand fifteen to come up with a bracket and time, it and he kind of have an. Idea of when, it's, going to end, it, used. To. Be the thing would just kind of drag right it would just sort of drag into the night and this year It lacks starpower Bryce Harper's stars and the star, at. Not having a great year but eases star house Warburg is recognizable Havi buyers maybe should be, a star let's. Face it most people don't know who FREDDY Freeman and Reese Hopkins. And Reese Hoskins and and and hey sues angular, are most people don't know who. You know most of those guys were and yet despite the relative anonymity of the, event it was still. Must watch TV It was still dramatic. It was still. A lot of fun it's still worked Bryce Harper more than anything made at work last night. He and his. Dad chatted with ESPN's BUSTER only afterward tell me about what happened in that last minute you're, running out of. Time what was the emotion going through your brain a better figure. It out I'm gonna lows so try to hit, the ball of the fence and I did, that is nice only the. Third player to. Win in front of your home crowd how about you Unbelievable. A frigging love. This crowd every single night they come out and support us Watson. Asked let's go Nice. Job what was it like to have your, dad here Man He does wonders for. Me this man is I love this man. Who's my heroes do that. With him tonight Rape culture right. There and I'm very blessed to have this man is, my? Father what was going. Through your mind? In that last minute Ron I was thinking the same thing is him let's let's. Pick it up or we're. Gonna lose, I don't want to lose weight lost. One we don't want to be the second second fiddle? To, anybody so it's all good man last Ron you saw Schwab or put up. Eighteen what did you think was a big number for you. Yeah I thought he was gonna hit twenty to twenty? Five You know I thought he did a great? Job, coming out and his last couple of swings were unbelievable But I knew had it's probably hit twenty or twenty five, to win that thing and I was lucky enough. To do it that was Bryce Harper with his dad Ron with BUSTER only. Last night after the contest you heard Ron, made an allusion to a, two thousand thirteen in city field Harper came in second to a UN says but as he came in. I last, night outlasting Kyle swore to win the two thousand eighteen homerun derby at nationals park in Washington And it has become the formats great the visual, is cool baseball which which gets a lot of..

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