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Closed down. It's just a fantastic place. Get out and Yes so first of all ni- sounds like a great bar and es escapes. If you're watching on youtube. I can see making that perplexed face because you heard dave ben say perogie now. The clip went even longer. There was a correction by the producer. Let's play that back. Oh my passion these viagi doggies rectify vanessa. The truck. how do you save this. People can't hear you bureau these weeks at yagi. My family a one way conversation with our producer. Sf hello love he he. So dave benz called doggies at his house. You're definitely not. I don't know if he's missed remembering whatever but the producer asks him. Who says my family all right. This is a preseason game and we're going to get to the bottom of this. Yeah so we went back to the preseason. I appreciate you ski thinking. I'm a busy man in having the time to write something like that. But i can definitely write some novels in the past. Sure i've got but anyways but hold on like another reason. We should have known it was. It could have been real and ended up being real. I don't know many like these are older guys on the broadcast. There talking accordions here. And i don't know anyone young- younger that plays accordion talking about their grandparents. Yeah they were talking about it They've seen it with their own eyes. Got video the one guy says we got see that video uncle forty very cool but yeah that definitely dates definitely. Yeah just a friend of the program. I'm sure we could ask him for that video. Okay he'll send it in. It's one of the seems like it's one of his most treasured vision. It's okay if i had an uncle played the accord. Probably be pretty happy to thank you to monte from saint paul minnesota for sending.

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