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From the jr weather center showers thunderstorms exiting clouds break mixed with some sunshine this morning but becoming mostly cloudy this afternoon a hit or miss storm no widespread rain cooler seventyone tonight a few clouds forty four tomorrow some showers will arrive only forty nine from the weather channel i'm meteorologist ray stagich newstalk seven sixty wjr right now about sixty four degrees well dearborn truck plan of ford motor company shutting down at least temporarily because the f one fifty parts coming from a major supplier in northern michigan no longer coming it's not clear how long the suspension will last there was a fire at that major parts supplier and northern michigan and that's the reason for the shutdown we told you about that fire a couple of days ago production had already been shut down at the kansas city assembly plant which also makes the pickup and louisville kentucky truck plant course the f one fifty is the bread and butter vehicle of ford motor company there's no way they can guess how long it'll be before those parts start flowing there is a comfortable supply of f one fifty on dealer lots however of course you have no idea how long there might still be there this day four of digging for bodies and mccomb township investigators brought in more equipment to that wooded area in the clinton river banks twenty three mile and north avenue for the remains of missing girls officials reopened the investigation into the disappearance of kimberly king and warren who was last seen in nineteen seventy nine interviews with convicted killer arthur rim and new information they got from other prisoners to whom ream had bragged about killing other girls prompted the latest search for what may be as many as six girls at that site wjr news time five thirty seven what if a nursing college cared for students the same way nurses care for their patients what if the focus was on keeping students in not weeding them out what would happen something.

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