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A cumulus station now on amazon alexa opened the cagey oh eight ten scale good afternoon i'm nikki medoro six people at san jose's oak grove high school have been taken to the hospital after being exposed to an unknown substance at school six other students and staff members complained of respiratory problems and were treated at the scene officials are asking students who left the scene to return to be evaluated it is not known what caused the incident three americans who were detained in north korea have arrived in alaska they are set to meet with president trump early tomorrow morning at an airbase outside washington dc the detainees thanked trump the us government and the american people for bringing them home correspondent will ripley says the longest serving of the detainees was serving a tenyear hard labor sentence for espionage kim jong chul was detained in october of two thousand fifteen imagine for two and a half years he's had no contact with his family no news of the outside world just imagine how much has changed in the last two and a half months never mind two and a half years and yet now in a matter of hours he will be faced face with the president of the united states the release of the americans is the latest sign of improving relations between two longtime adversaries as they prepare for a historic summit and the treasury department internal watchdog is investigating how detailed allegations about the banking records of president trump's personal lawyer became public at issue as an account of bank transactions involving trump attorney michael cohen the financial information was disclosed by stormy daniels lawyer michael avenue who says the money trail could be troublesome for trump when you trace the money about what money came into this llc what money went out of the llc and the president and michael cohen better hope that none of that money gets traced back to the president or the trump organization or another entity that that the president controlled at the time cohen's lawyer says much of the financial information released by an ati is inaccurate and meant prejudice and discredit cohen and gray wolves are making a comeback in california it all started with the appearance of a wolf from oregon named or seven caused an international sensation after coming into the state now his offspring or settling here and starting their own walk them to total wine and.

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